Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Chronological patterns , Gods will , the Anointing and Authority of Christ,

Aella was blessed by a saint who was sent by the Pope, The pope said" Alleluia will be sung in the land of Aella. Aella warred with King Arthur the British King, the King Arthur used a Sorceror named Merlin, The esoteric illusion and demonic sorcery aided the king Arthur in defeating Aella, not Christianity not the Lord. Aella's last occupation was near London, most of the Elkins family live in ...the London area, Elkins is said to be the name derived from Kin of Aella, also it is said to be Kin of Elias, or Elisha. First colony in America was shortly after the year 1600, the Israelites wandered for 40 years in the desert until they got to the promised land or the land of Milk and Honey. Noah was in the ark for 40 days and 40 nights, 1600 is 40 times 40 , thus the church for 40 times 40 were established a Christian culture and spread the gospel to the ends of the earth. The word of God says' The land belongs to the People" in proverbs, and " there is authority over the kings" is also in the proverbs. America is one of the largest lands in the world, Canada also. The U.S. government came about by the Saxxon descendants and some British, Dutch, ect. Elkins were among the first to govern the first colony, the first investors of the trade companies , first commanders in the forts. An Elkin or Elkins was Governor in Albany a region in the first colony , Elkins were among the first settlers in the region around Albany , Oregon, first settling in the town the named Lebanon. Among the Saxon descendents , The saxon ancestors of Europe were well known for their craftsmanship and the quality of their work, America was priding itself in its standards and the quality of its work and products, such as the saxon ancestors had , The descendents of Aella were among the first to govern in America and leadership in the military that defeated the British, many years after Aella was defeated by british, a new land was thus established for the people. Aella's people were saxon, The land of Aella the Pope said , could it be that Aella's land the Pope decreed would be a land alleluia would be sang throughout is America or the north American continent, The Illuminati or knowledge of the craft George Washington admitted had come to America, The Freemasons established themselves, the same craft that was used to defeat Aella by merlin. Though it says no witchcraft will prevail against the church.
We are going through great heresy in modern day, The Italians of Rome and those aristocrats of Rome have planned and plotted in secret, the freemasons and illuminati have planned and plotted to over throw the Rome institute of the Church, the authority that man saw it to be was a man's authority , those who were freemason, many catholic and Christian used freemasonry to start cult like ministries to lead people away from the true authority of Christ, for their own craft to be in power over the nations affairs and the fellowship . This is same craft as Merlin that had been valued more than the gospel by those who joined the freemasonry and illuminati,
On my 20th year I was anointed by the people's church of salem , Oregon. I was visiting after completing a year long bible study course in advanced Christian studies, When I finished reading the bible all the way through for the first time in my life, shortly after , a minister was preaching about the anointing of God such as the same anointing that the High Priest Aaron received and those anointed kings in the book of Chronicles, This anointing is the anointing of God's ministers and authorities, the minister at the end of the sermon on the anointing told us that he was retiring and he said God was telling him to anoint a new young minister to take his place in the field, he said if you believe you are called to full time ministry come forward , I went forward and the elders of the church prayed over me there was actually two of us me and another young man, they told me that it didn't mean I was going to be a preacher because there is many ways God ministers, but to keep reading the bible and do what I normally do and one day God will call me to the full time ministry he has chosen for me, I have been reading the bible for 22 years all the way through each year. I was confirmed roman catholic by a Jesuit priest named Patrick walsh at st. Mary's in Albany ,Oregon,. Albany is the name of a region in the first colony of America also where Elkins was Governor , I am Elkins. I was told they put my name on micro film and it is in the Vatican in Rome, confirmed roman catholic of what is believed the same authority or traditional confirmation of the Apostle Paul and Peter, . Oregon's first Governor had also converted to Roman catholic. at age 40 I started college , The comet Elinin came by when I was 40 around the same time I started college. Dick Clark died on his 40th anniversary of his new years special. that was when I was 40. I turned 40 18 years after I was confirmed roman catholic, the number 18 is the jewish number for life. now it is 20 years since my baptism or confirmation, I was anointed when I was 20 and it was 20 years later when I started college when I was 40. 40 years the Israelites were tested to obey Gods laws before they inherited the promised land. I am assuming it was God testing me as he did they for 40 years all my suffering and trials. I am now at age 42 on the 6th month deciding to start a church ministry called the Church of Rome. It's been 20 years since my confirmation I was confirmed at age 22 roman catholic. I am thinking that for some reason I am from Aella's descent and God chose me because Aella defeated the romans to free the anglo's who were enslaved. This was all planned way before Rome was even established for all I can tell because they pillars in Oregon that resemble Rome seem to be more ancient then Rome and that his how I thought of starting the Church of Rome, I am thinking it is to take the Roman confirmation of the original apostles away from the Catholic church and that somehow I am Roman of Aellas descent and he was up high and that I can move Rome to Oregon. I am just thinking it is seeming that way now.

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