Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Lords Statutes and Commandments

In today's society we surrender ourselves to the principles of modern war and the fight for justice . In the word of God we are told the laws came about in a much less political or violent manner. God raised a prophet Moses who was simple minded and not an educated man a servant with no high place. It was Gods way to ensure it was understood it was God who made the laws not some intellectual like modernist and modern lawmakers pretend. Mans laws and Gods laws are not the same principle. Its a way for the unrighteous to pretend they are righteous by pretending it is their own judgements and reason that law exists over moral justice. Really it is Moses and it wasn't police or any revolution or world war that Gods laws exist it was God and the Freedom of Gods people has always been just God lest man say it is his own strength. We find Gods laws in Deuteronomy. The laws of God were established by his own power and miracles the manifested by his own hand. He delivered the israelites from the hands of their oppressors and set them free without using any war with an army. whenever they defended their own freedom it was done by using a few soldiers to fight thousands of soldiers so that their enemies would know it was their God they won the battle or war not their own strength or technology. So much different how we fight in modern day with great numbers and just dropping bombs. The illusion is that we owe honor to the lawmakers and their soldiers for our freedom and for the justice of Christ. Paul and the apostles work was to establish freedom for the church and to give Gods laws to the gentiles. The same laws that were established not by warring or intellectual debate but by the hand of The Lord and the words of his prophet. The illusion of freemasonry and the deified office of George Washington is an immature evil. No one has to believe that the world is a maker of righteous laws or an authority over righteous matters. The way of life God instructed and teaches to live really cannot be corrupted. Even the laws of Moses are not as righteous as the Love of Christ. The same power that God used to create the universe he used to establish his laws and the same spirit that gave David strength and skill to defeat his enemies is the spirit of our baptism. Like David it is only Gods power we have any freedom. We cannot be yoked together with the ranks and all the college fraternities and freemasonry we are light and the false teachings of the principles of this world such as; Illuminati,freemasonry,modernists,secular theologians, politicians, and the social order of publican, even all the causes supported by liberals such as feminism and gay rights are not Gods concern. Living like it is masses of soldiers we are free not just the hand of God is evil. we would have no land or freedom if that were so. That would be like God giving the devil and his people land and helping them succeed for killing in a war. We have to believe it is the work of the apostles and saints and the Power of the Lord. Even Cromwell was more of an example of a fight for freedom then the hordes of unholy men and woman who supposedly defend our freedom. As though God had yoke us together with the darkness and gave power to the evil people of society. Whatever honor any institute Lords is only an evil even if that evil is necessary even the church institute is only an evil. How many early american decendants living today are righteous, how many are just, we would not even know , I know my family on both sides were early american established families and had rights that way that it was established from the time of Cromwell they lived in this country. Yet the baby boom generation on both sides were faithless immoral people no matter who their ancestors were, I pray daily for God to deliver me from the shame and evil they cause in my life. My Grandparents had stronger morals and saner ways then my parents. They were stable and easy to honor my parents went along with their generation and deny christ and the Grace of God. Where they to recieve the same honor as those before them who fought in for freedom during times when people didnt live making up cultures and causes foreign to God.

In america much of the original community was established during Cromwells time. Moses was the prophet who God used to establish his statutes not the apostles or saints. The Pope and the institute of those times was not who's laws those belonged to in that way that they where the prophet Moses or God. God delivered them into the hand of Cromwell much like the old israelites were delivered into thier enemies hands only Cromwell fought for freedom from the tryanny of those institutes which was intolerable and a great heresy was overthrown in England which was a division of the church that was never established by Gods hand but was just an anti christ oppression thus the English Catholic Church in a nut shell some kind of immature heresy condemned in the bible that is why God allowed Cromwell to kill the King and catholics who followed the king and his court. In modern day the early american puritans decendants still exist but however corrupt the world many have become. I am certain that those puritan people were Gods people and really had faith in the same christ we all follow as catholic I dont believe it is like hippie converts and evangelicals of today or presbeterian and other protestant sects. If it was the puritan would still exist. They were only retaliating against an evil that still exists today because of the same divisions in the church. The land they were given was given by Gods hand but much like God had given the israelites land he takes it away from the faithless. I am certain God knows who those people are and our fight is much like the fight of the israelites only our fathers of the faith are not really so much our ancestors as they are the apostles themselves and not even the clergy in the same way the apostles have that honor. God teaches us to obey his laws and statutes not by using t.v. and the cop shows or court t.v. . He teaches by trials and tribulations in our lifes and tests us just like he tested the people of israel before christ. 

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