Thursday, August 4, 2011


God's freedom I am certain has never been anyway fully understand by any human. The Jews by faith fought for their freedom as we would read from scriptures. Yet reading about it and believing it are two different things. Why is mankinds freedom important to the Lord? Is the whole worlds freedom important to the Lord or just his church. The body of christ is one entity in the spirit only that Christ is the truth, the life , and the way. We dont all have a common life with those who are not baptised into the same life as christ. What does that mean to us?. I would choose to believe that God is life and that his life had no favorites , no one more important to life than the other yet some chose to believe the truth of the gospel and others never recieved the grace and freedom from the carnal life and all the dark evils that lord themselves over the lost. There is no power in this world that can exalt itself before the Lord without transgressing powers we cannot fathom or contend with. The powers of life that created the life we as humans can only partake in. as an active participant in life Gods image is kind, loving,gentle,meek,humble,generous,ominiscient,gracefull,magestic,and much more. His way is the way of life freedom is the only just and kind way for us to share his truth and love there is no liar in the world who can lie to God. No matter how much people lie to us or tempt us to believe what they believe in. It isnt the worlds freedom that is the noble cause it is Gods way of life his grace and his gifts to us . His just and kind ways and his righteousness that is the noble cause to our freedom. People who pervade the truth and the way of life are in the way of the true cause . It is Gods and not our own except we are his servants and his children. We love because God first loved us. We live because God gave us life. We have freedom because it is his way and his will. He would not enslave his son to a government or his daughter to someone else only called to serve as servant to God . Those not called to serve the Lord who enslave christs church such as the poor in brazil and those third world places who are they to enslave children of life. God is to kind to comprehend it is to contend with life itself to contend with the body of christs freedom.
      The kingdom of heaven is within those who recieve their baptism in its fullness. We have an account to heaven but the yoke is light and the burden was already bore. all our evils we do in life are purged and the droughs cleansed by the eternal love of christ . so kind is Gods love that have a way to escape our own failures and faults. He taught us to be his free children we cannot do onto those who dont believe that which we wouldnt want done to us. So can any church leader condone slaverly swearing those enslaved are not the body of christ. The Gracious love we known is all in all. We are not free from the works of the world . We are only free because the works of the apostles and the works of the saints and those who by faith chose to serve the Lord and believe in his way of life.   Isnt strange how we have so many persecutors who defend the political freedom and yet when they are discharged they strive against the same country they defend taking away freedom from the citizens of the institute they served. The righteousness of those who Lord a freedom of the world's causes is a carnal fallacy in the hearts of caliced men. Yet Gods Glory is bright and the light pierces through the dark imaginations and works of the masses . He is the beginning and the end its always been Gods way its stupid to contend with Gods freedom and its stupid to exalt some kind of great honor for its existance.

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