Friday, March 18, 2011

early american lineage

In my family is mostly early pre-revelutionary war established families in america. My mothers side of the family is completely pre revelutionary lineage. Her mothers mother's family the peacocks were original mayflower settlers. The Perfect's my mother's mother's father's family were 1650's settlers, my mothers father's side of the family the Cardwell's were 1690's settlers. My Fathers father side of the family were 1613 settlers possibly later 1630's when they finally settled. The first Elkins was a trader who came over 3 months after the mayflower and never did settle but his son did in the 1630's there is record.   Both sides of my family were not city people. The times didnt change as quickly in the country as it did in the cities. So many families still stuck to their own kind when it came to early american english settlers families. I am related to many families by blood because of the 12 to 13 generations of marriages. Each mother and father came from a didnt family and their mother and fathers came from a different family so on and so forth. I think possibly I am related to over 600 early american families. My DNA and bloodline is from hundreds of early american families. I am the heritage of hundreds of america's early fathers and pioneers. Early americans are pretty much related to each other in some way and are of the same kind the same flesh and blood not closely related but so many generations of marriages have past that we are americans kind by blood and by sweat , and tears. I guess to most who arnt early americans it has no meaning and the times are very dark and slanderish. Many europeans and mexicans have moved to america since the 80's way over 100.000.000. Yet america's still home of the freedom that was inherited by millions who are still a kind that came from the original settlers and their families marriages and hard work.  When one says my great grand father built a rail road . 100's of other americans are related to that same great grand father. ect ,

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