Sunday, February 13, 2011

The wizard of ozz and this new vatican in exile parish in Kansas

In my web surfing I found a site called vatican in exile. A small parish in Kansas has denounced vatican II and appointed their own Pope . They teach the same teachings of the old vatican with abstinence and fasting. I started to think about the wizard of ozz with dorothy there in Kansas. In away the Vatican II is kind of like the emerald city and the pope like the wizard of ozz. Pulling the chord and making thunder sounds to scare people. Then when people make it to the vatican he gives them a rosary and blesses them like the wizard gave the lion,scarecrow,tin man , and dorothy the things he gave. I just cant figure out who toto is. Maybe the wicked witch of the west is Hillary Clinton and the wicked witch of the east is the Queen of England. Being from Africa Obama would make a good flying monkey. I cant judge the vatican in exile but really that is their own business. They just arent submitting to the vatican and still teach people arnt going to heaven unless they are catholic. I cant agree that our baptism is about institute its about freedom and life in the spirit that gives a higher place to an institute which is more conformed then I agree is safe in society. God bless their lifes but rural america with the Mennonite,Amish,Quaker, and other sects I guess they have thier place amongst the rest of the rural society who seems to alienate from the rest of the world. It tells us in the Gospel to remove ourselves from the world. I am working toward a little farm in brazil and some land in hawaii. but living in the ozarks is not my calling.

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