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psalm 37 and the deciet of modern merchants

I wanted to share a story about my own struggles with people using deceitfull means to gain wealth. In Psalm 37 David writes for us not to get heated about people who are gaining wealth from decietfull means because the little the poor have in the end outweighs the wealth of the just and land still belongs to the poor. Understanding the psalms is so important as a child of God. There is not many other scriptures truly explaining Gods soveriegn authority and the great way of life that christ called us to. Although the gospels were of a greater wisdom then solomon the psalms of David tell us so vividly of the Father Christ is express image of. the apostles actually met Jesus David having never met Jesus knew him also and knew the father because of it. His knowledge of God was so Great his throne was estalished forever. His psalms herald Gods fight and his great saving grace from the hands of our enemies in vivid detail he explains how God delivers.
     When I was learning to be a private investigator I had decided to learn how to catch persecutors and decietfull business people in the act. One of my first jobs was working for a big company that was contracted by the government to guard the state buildings and some of the emabassies. There was so much dark activity occuring each day I was never sure who was behind the conspiracies and security breaches. Then suddenly the paychecks were being fowled up and eventually no one got paid . Private investigators and ex cops involved with the payroll embezzled money and the company went bankrupt. I was so angry and disrought. I had worked so hard to train to be a security investigator. I couldnt trust those working in that field anymore. I had just begun a career and was 2 years into the field . So much hard work and now I couldnt even believe catching dishonest people was an honest way to earn a living. I eventually enlisted in the army to seek a non profit way to work in the field. When I got out I had some business I wanted to do of my own and being an investigator already heated about the deciet . I had to pray everyday for peace and to not be to angry. I went to hollywood and found out so much about the hollywood hustlers and dark behind the scenes conspiracies in the hollywood world. Then I worked on sales and marketing I was shocked out how many scams I was uncovering in my research. I stopped for a while to work on campaign initiatives in LA. The political research companies were ripping off petitioners who were paid to petition. They took 50 percent of the funds. Then congressman were being investigated for dipping into their campaign funds. I had enough. even working on stopping gay marriage and abortion for minors without parents consent were petitions they didnt pay us for most of our signatures. They were petitions funded by the church. I lived in the worst mexican mafia area in LA Huntington Park. I worked on petitions to increase the penalties for gang violence in those areas while living unarmed in a known mexican mafia gang area. One of the worst if not worse for mexican mafia control.
I was steamed but I prayed everyday and the Lord delivered me just like the psalms tell us. It was amazing really that I could from doing these things really know not just read about and want to know what David wrote about in the psalms.   I ofcourse could not know the same measure David knew nor be a King but I could know the same saving Grace a King knew.  I worked at the news paper in the sales room at the Oregonian for awhile. We gave away free subscriptions to get new subscribers. months later they had a flood of customer service complaints and no pays. They had the sales room go through the customer service calls for a week. I found out many of the free papers were really being sent bills and doubled billed not just billed for one month . Then there was a discussion about how they had 150,000,000 dollars in no pays that the government will reimburse them for. I suspected it was a scam to scim funds from the government and a way for the newspaper to get money for subscriptions that were decietfully gained. I quietlly quit and was a bit more aware of the kind of scams businesses do for money.  I worked at a fair for dish network and the company owner had promised a certain amount of money to bring people back to the booth and if he closed them he would pay me a commission. He didnt pay me for a months work and I tried to sew him but the courts wouldnt help me and I couldnt get a lawyer to take my case pro bono . Not having been paid I couldnt afford a lawyer. I was angry and a truck driver offered me a chance to use his oozie machine gun to go get my money. I declined not wanting to get in trouble. The saleman who ripped me off was living on credit cards and didnt own his own house but called people names who didnt have good credit and couldnt buy dish network. He spoke evil of everyone but people who had money and good credit. He called them lots of choice names at the fair. In the psalms it tells us about his kind. Most salesman gain wealth using deciet from time to time and many businesses use marketing scams but the psalms tell us not to get heated about it..  I eventually worked at the carnival and the little I earned got me back to the small town were my family originated. My mothers side of the family were all poor people or people who were neither poor nor rich but self employed with orchards , small farms, small restaurants,construction contractors, ect.  I didnt have to be completely ignorant of working for a living like a saleman would be. Also I didnt have to think about being that much of a servant to wealth.  I met a hip hopper in hollywood who called himself a hustler everyday. He would yell out I'm a Hustler Baby. You got a Hustler or you wont get the money. He was earning money promoting nightclubs and ended up homeless because he gambled all his money away. He had a con game with people and earned a bit of money from party and events companies atleast a few grand a week.  He was earning a good living. At one time he had earned 70,000 in one year and at the end of another year he lost everything he owned from to many dui's and having to goto rehab court ordered. He lost his job , some of his friends, and was only renting a room while he had the money. I was spending time finding things on ebay at auction for a penny and ended up with precious gems, thousands of dollars worth of clothes and now I can get just about anything from wholesale companies I found while buying on ebay. I still hardly earn a dime but I can get anything even houses for 1 dollar plus closing costs. Amazing, there houses only poor people would buy but its more than the hollywood hustler really own who live in apartments and spend their money on drugs and woman.   Read these psalms they really minister to me alot I thought others might be as enlightened.

Psalm 37 New Jerusalem bible

[Of David] Do not get heated about the wicked or envy those who do wrong.

2 Quick as the grass they wither, fading like the green of the fields.

3 Put your trust in Yahweh and do right, make your home in the land and live secure.

4 Make Yahweh your joy and he will give you your heart's desires.

5 Commit your destiny to Yahweh, be confident in him, and he will act,

6 making your uprightness clear as daylight, and the justice of your cause as the noon.

7 Stay quiet before Yahweh, wait longingly for him, do not get heated over someone who is making a fortune, succeeding by devious means.

8 Refrain from anger, leave rage aside, do not get heated -- it can do no good;

9 for evil-doers will be annihilated, while those who hope in Yahweh shall have the land for their own.

10 A little while and the wicked will be no more, however well you search for the place, the wicked will not be there;

11 but the poor will have the land for their own, to enjoy untroubled peace.

12 The wicked plots against the upright and gnashes his teeth at him,

13 but Yahweh only laughs at his efforts, knowing that his end is in sight.

14 Though the wicked draw his sword and bend his bow to slaughter the honest and bring down the poor and the needy,

15 his sword will pierce his own heart, and his bow will be shattered.

16 What little the upright possesses outweighs all the wealth of the wicked;

17 for the weapons of the wicked shall be shattered, while Yahweh supports the upright.

18 The lives of the just are in Yahweh's care, their birthright will endure for ever;

19 they will not be put to shame when bad times come, in time of famine they will have plenty.

20 The wicked, enemies of Yahweh, will be destroyed, they will vanish like the green of the pasture, they will vanish in smoke.

21 The wicked borrows and will not repay, but the upright is generous in giving;

22 those he blesses will have the land for their own, and those he curses be annihilated.

23 Yahweh guides a strong man's steps and keeps them firm; and takes pleasure in him.

24 When he trips he is not thrown sprawling, since Yahweh supports him by the hand.

25 Now I am old, but ever since my youth I never saw an upright person abandoned, or the descendants of the upright forced to beg their bread.

26 The upright is always compassionate, always lending, so his descendants reap a blessing.

27 Turn your back on evil and do good, you will have a home for ever,

28 for Yahweh loves justice and will not forsake his faithful. Evil-doers will perish eternally, the descendants of the wicked be annihilated,

29 but the upright shall have the land for their own, there they shall live for ever.

30 Wisdom comes from the lips of the upright, and his tongue speaks what is right;

31 the law of his God is in his heart, his foot will never slip.

32 The wicked keeps a close eye on the upright, looking out for a chance to kill him;

33 Yahweh will never abandon him to the clutches of the wicked, nor let him be condemned if he is tried.

34 Put your hope in Yahweh, keep to his path, he will raise you up to make the land your own; you will look on while the wicked are annihilated.

35 I have seen the wicked exultant, towering like a cedar of Lebanon.

36 When next I passed he was gone, I searched for him and he was nowhere to be found.

37 Observe the innocent, consider the honest, for the lover of peace will not lack children.

38 But the wicked will all be destroyed together, and their children annihilated.

39 The upright have Yahweh for their Saviour, their refuge in times of trouble;

40 Yahweh helps them and rescues them, he will rescue them from the wicked, and save them because they take refuge in him.

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