Wednesday, February 23, 2011

God In Me

One of the greatest mysteries to the gospel is the mystery of our new birth. The new life we live as Gods children is summed up in three words, God In Me. In the apocrapha gospel of the savior it tells us the kingdom of heaven is within us. The whole kingdom of heaven is within us. The mystery to our life is within those three words God In Me.  There is no good to any man , no good to any woman, no one righteous just God within us. It is only God who is life.  I reflect back to the holy spirits guidance in my life and Jesus Christs teachings to me were never from the words of the clergy or the words of others. Always Christ's teachings have been in the spirit . I could read and read the bible and listen to all the scholars it would have no meaning , no value unless the holy spirit taught those teachings to me in person not as a student in a classroom but as a student of life. God is life , God in me is the life in me. To me those words seperate me from the world. Those words keep me from becoming as the world. God in Me. That is my individuality , Because God identifies himself and bears witness of the truth in me and confirms me himself as his child it is only God in me that knows I am his child. No priest or preacher can explain that to anyone. God teaches my soul , my heart and mind, my spirit, He teaches me in the secrecy of the kingdom of heaven. Not as someone on display , not as someone under surveillance or incarcerated, He teaches me in the secrecy and privacy of his Holy Spirit. The spirit of life , The living Truth, I can understand the highest calling to life because the Holy Spirit can teach me in secret to be a man, to be an hier to the throne of christ, to be a servant of the Most High God, God is in me , I dont have to bow down to the markets and beg for acceptance, I dont have to plead my cause to the public like a hypocrite or someone teaching religious precepts for money and power, I can live being taught by the greatest master in the universe . I dont have to speak as someone who knows no truth . I dont have to speak as someone who knows no Love or Kindness, I can speak as christ in me gives grace and truth to my lips, I can know christs teachings for real not just from reading the bible like a Jew reads the jewish doctrine . I can really learn from God himself not as a theologion but as a son to God, We are all one not because of our own flesh or our own spirit. We are one because God is life and we are baptised into that life . not as masters of that life but as servants to Life itself. There is only one master Jesus Christ. It is God alone who calls us and it is he who judges us. We are grafted into the vine by his Grace not the grace of a pope or bishop. We are not called out of darkness because of our birth into a catholic family or protestant heritage. We have no life to live until God gives us life in the spirit. There is no one who has to yield to the ways of any human. No one is like the Lord and we are all only his servants not masters.Because God is in me . I can learn right from God how to work with my hands, How to fight, How to walk, How to talk, In the spirit I can learn the mysteries of Gods greatest teachings giving me a weapon to live a righteous life without fear of anything in this world that exalts itself against God and his freedom.

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