Saturday, March 20, 2010

Morality of Divine Communion vs Psychology and the Moral sciences true cause

     I think psychology has a major influence on peoples opinions about sin making it a mental health issue and not a divine communion matter. People in return herald the science principalities. Much of which is Jewish theologeons moral advocacy about sin vs the Holy Fathers of the church. Einstien a jew was considered a messenger of God by his peers. I think jews tend to follow scientists more than the rabbi. Freud and athiest jew even yet honored by his jewish peers. These two people started an era of jewish influence in all our moral teachings in unjewish society. Thus almost antichrist as judaism is anti catholic .

C.G. Jung wrote in his writings that protestants who convert to Catholicism are less sane or usually have mental health problems. It is one of attempts to discredit converts. He worked closely with freud and was working on his on rendition of the science of mental health yet In reality It was really to prove that they could prove no character problem has to do with the devil and just being unholy. What if it was to believe they can in their own understanding or power cure the sinfull nature of people by using scientific methods . freud being athiest I think C.G. Jung had alternative ideas and motivs to his work. Jews adopted their own rendition of the psychology of sinners and the cures dreamed up was torturous and in modern times pharmakeaic . The blaspheme of it was blaspheming the mind of christ and the holy spirits intervention when sins are confessed and the heart restored. If we went along really with modern times we would be subject to science as though we were machines or animals who train and have no other value other than what scientists believe. The sins of catholics are more serious because they cant repent twice.

we cant believe that psychology is more powerfull than the mysteries of the gospel and the sacred heart of Jesus to heal and cleanse. taking sin to lightly and making it only a mental health issue is wrong. didn't satan tempt christ and didnt a woman tempt adam. So in the same fashion it is tempting to believe that confession is only for children or that sin is harmless and just forgiven without any notion or remorse to come to the Lord asking forgiveness and seeking his mercy.

sirach tells us that doctors are respected even  by the highest authorities.  The gospel tells us that the anti christ will decieve even the elect among us. So isnt it likely that an anti christ could of created psychology not the anti christ but some kind of anti christ before the real Spawn of Satan has his day. Frued wasnt a doctor but C.G. Jung was a surgeon and one of freuds students the two became friends and worked together on getting psychology going. It was devised by two men both really anti catholic although cg jung spoke a few things good about priests. Like saying priests were actually closer to earth than others despite peoples opinion that they teach about mystical things and arnt close to the eath. Yet his psychology was really as freuds to decieve and make sin and the nature of man about science and not about divine communion.  The knowledge they came up with is not as sound as the principles of the church yet many swear by the psychology and moral science that it is a knowledge disproving the principle of divine doctrine is sound and of the highest calling.
     So much heresy has been devised since the Birth of Christ.  Our institute in the United States as well as around the world is training people to be heretic. Philosophy and Modernist political science has infaltrated the inner chambers of the institutes principalities. The followers of the institute deny their faceless heresy has any gross demeaning purpose to the righteousness and holiness of knowledge , and wisdom. No one can really serve christ and serve the same principles the modernist institute has devised. The altered ego of the humanitarian has become a hippie and proud parent of the all the worlds evils devised into a social order that makes a community out of hypocrisy and heresy.  Modernist community I believe is a product of the works of phsycology and heresies like L. ron Hubbards dianetics. The blaspheme of Gods holiness and true image is made into a science by the psychology. The purpose of psychology was in its origin to conform and transform people into the images of this world be it national ,corporate ,or private powers. The image of christ is a mystery of Love not a science. The wholeness of the spiritual mind cannot be manifested by corporate discipline or achieved by academic scholarship. It is a divine birth and healing process that cannot be ministered in laboratories or by understanding the carnal mind. The carnal mind is no mystery the spiritual mind of christ is the divine mystery and to tamper with his healing is itself a sin and blaspheme.  The scriptures tell us the punishment for sin is death. Yet even adam was forgiven for his sin and his sin was the original sin that fathered all flesh in its sinfull nature.  Adam and Eve were forgiven but by being forgiven they to were crucified with christ and therefore the works of their flesh put to death. This is a mystery of how christ is the second adam. The captives were set free and all the souls of those chosen were delivered.
      Dianetics and Psychology have illusioned the hearts of the whole world. The catholic church does not disagree with the importance of mental health. Because of the papal's authority over peace and the instutes of every nation employing psychology in all avenues of its administration there is alot of danger involved with tearing down the principle it teaches. The world psychologist work day after day to teach people to take sin lightly and consider no evil any more than a mental health problem. Satan is the father of all lies. The dianetics institute teaches psychology is bad and the catholic church. The take sin even more lightly. To them it merely an immaturity. Thus you have many immoral entertainers who support its cause. There is value to sanity and reason is important but the carnal minds power is from its own imaginations and its own wrath and precepts. The power of God is higher in its origin and so is the wisdom of christ and baptism of our faith.  The minds of Gods people are anointed and illumined to know the truth and mysteries of the life in the spirit. We dont have to submit to the carnal works of dianetic followers or the institutes psychology. There is no knowledge that can stand against God. For this reason we should never take sin lightly only because the dianetics people or world psychologists say so. The authority of our faith is not the same as the worlds. They use authority to have power over the world. The authority of christ is to edify and uplift Gods people. God rules with and Iron rod but his wrath is not the same as the power of the worlds wrath. What Dr. Freud and the jewish community created was to them a high knowledge. Yet the mysteries of faith taught to every member of the body of christ grabs hold of things higher to understand then any scientist or governing power can grap hold of .

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