Saturday, March 20, 2010

The divine image of christ and the victory of the cross

      Jesus is not an old man by our own standard his body would not have aged as ours. He did not have to be under the same punishment of sin and death. His flesh did not have to know death the same way. He is not decomposing which is the cause of our old man appearance and physical weakness. His white hair he had as a young man as a child and it isnt from old man aging. The beauty of an old mans head is his grey hair it says in the word not white hair.. He was born not from the seed of man but concieved by the Holy Spirit. He did not have to age . Would you live as an old man if you were God the son and didnt have to .
       Christ was very much a champion. What he accomplished for the kingdom of Heaven put to death all the works of the flesh. He became king of kings and lord of lords. Yet he also became high priest forever. The Living God Creator of all life came to earth born of the virgin mary and his name was Jesus Christ.     
      There were many arena's and all the kings had champions in their militaries. What Christ did was became the champion over all creation. His accomplishment of living a sinless life and making atonement for all those believe. He dissolved the powers of the old kingdom. He was the express image of God his physical body had been concieved by the divine powers of the Holy Spirit. What he is and was an is to come is the only human body that has eternal life. His flesh became the champion of all flesh. He perfect in image and his way became high priest forever but by doing this all flesh had to Bow to him and renounce to him their own life and image to inherit eternal life and get a new perfect body that doesnt die. He is eternally begotton. He lives not as an old man of this world but as a  young man who defeated the champions of this world. Greater is he in us than he who is in the world.   No matter what the world believe or disbelieve about thier body christ defeated them. Their flesh is a trangression as long as it lives its own way and its own life. The life of Jesus Christ is soveriegn all things were created through him. We need to have christ absolve our sins and intercede to the father for our forgiveness that way we are not under any condemnation for own flesh .
       Essentially what christ did is compete with ever body that ever lived and ever will live. Just like the athletes train and compete for glory only he won not only humans but all creation. So by winning such a great way every human no matter how fit , no matter how tall, no matter how strong, no matter how wise, no matter how wealthy lost thier life. If anyone should choose to live their own life and not christs they have to die in their own image and then eternally be punished. He set a standard . So when we do our work or anything . We are honoring losers when we set our standards by using the athletes of this world or the rich and famous .. We have to honor the Heavenly Father by recieving the son. So that we honor the right things about each other. We need to recognize that the kingdom of heaven is in us and christ is the standard in that kingdom. So its within us how well to do things , the way to walk, the way to write, eat, sleep,drink, pray, play, all things we do its christ in us who sets the standard and enables us to grab hold of a higher way and not to be losers to the world but to have victory over it and all the works of the flesh.