Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Turn the other cheek

I wanted to share a few words about the scirpture that tells us to turn the other cheek. I know most people  wether they believe in Jesus or not have heard this scripture.  Often when regarding our own defense against someones attack or persecution we refer to this scripture. Even regarding national security some people will bring up this scripture.
     Here is my understanding of this scripture. The act of striking someone on the cheek is more of an insulting blow than a damaging one. It damages the ego more than the body. So turning the other cheek does not endanger you're life or subject you necessarily to bodily injury you cannot endure. However an actual blow to the face could render serious injury. Jesus is not disregarding our security with this scripture nor telling us to not fight our persecutors when they render serious threats of bodily injury. Just to not use violence to stop an insulting blow. Now of days a good self defense class can teach someone to see a strike on the cheek coming before it happens and teach a way to slap the hand away before it strikes or step aside or backwards to avoid it. So those skills are handy. We are instructed by this scripture to be tolerant and very forgiving not to be quick to quarrel and use violence just to defend our pride or dignity. However any  real blow or threat it doesnt tell us to not defend ourselves against. Because of Jesus the mighty were to humble themselves to the weak. The rich to the poor. The wise to fools. Not every one has might. Might isnt much of an equal measure in each human. The Lord has a great Love for everyone and his Power is beyond what a fist can form. How tolerant we are of insults and blows against our pride and dignity reflects his Great cause and shows our trust in his Power to deliver us from any evil. The Lords ways are mysterious. However when it comes to defending our lives and loved ones or our nation the Lord is mighty and will train us himself to war and to fight as his people. Like David's Psalms tell us of God training him to war and fight.

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