Monday, January 25, 2010

The Lord is our mirror -Solomons ode 13 / also The Lord is in us.

        I wanted to share a little story about the Lord being our mirror and the reflection of his holiness. I trained in a christian growth program at the age 19. It was an all mens program run by pentecostal. The program was in a rural small town and lasted for 1 year. I had to waive my rights of free speech for the program. The Men in the Program were not allowed to speak about anything other then the program and the bible. They couldnt share stories about their past life to prevent glory stories about partying or street culture. They also couldnt talk to anyone outside of the program accept close family members. It was similar to a monastery but no one was learning to be an authority over the church. Instead it was intense training about being a brother of christ and I think alot humbler than a priesthood would seem to be compared to it. The emphasis not being on some distant God who only teaches through priests. Instead the emphasis was on Jesus Christ our Brother who loves us and has many things to teach us as a friend and loving brother. He teaches us he is an authority like a brother teaching a brother not like a cop or drill seargant. Also not like a cardinal proffessor at some Seminary or a Pope. No priest has the attribute or faculty to be christ in enough measure to teach us who we are to the Father or to Jesus. Only the Holy Spirit can teach us that. We are Gods children and he teaches us individually what he wants us to learn. Even though we are one in the spirit. Didnt David write the Lord trained his hands to war fight. Doesnt the Lord have many teachings for us. Think of the Prophets before Jesus's Birth. Were they priests. Didnt some even not being a priest goto the priests and to Gods people and tell them God was going to punish them for not being faithfull and just pretending to be. Gods word was spoke through several prophets who were not priests. Did the apostle Paul really speak as a priest or did he speak more as a brother. Did his duties really seem to be the same as a priest or bishops are by tradition. Only a bishop or priest trained by the Lord in the spirit could do as Paul they couldnt really learn it from seminary. He had to interact to much with unbelievers and a normal bishop wouldnt be recieved such as he was without actual training from Jesus to be as humble and to have attributes great enough to accomplish such as Paul. Most priests are kind of nerdy, boring, or so focused on the authority of the church they have not a humble enough heart or personality with attributes that are appealing to humanity in the way that brings honor to God. They are not as wise as seminary may make it seem from their proffesional classroom training. The Holy Spirits training is about life in the spirit not life in the priest. Also not about the life of the priest its about the life God gives everyone who believes not just the priesthood.

      Here's the story now that I kind of got you focused on what I was learning. I would wake up each day and look at myself in the mirror to get ready for the day. I was so deeply focused on the Lord when I looked at myself in the mirror I would see Jesus looking back at me in my own eyes. I could see his face in my face. I could feel his hands in my hands and his feet in my feet. When I walked I didnt think about my own strength in my legs I thought about the Lords strength his legs in my legs. When I spoke I would hear his voice in my own voice. When thought of my hair hos hair was what I thought of. The Lord was in me and teaching me he was in me. When I smiled it was like Jesus smiling in me. He was becoming my best friend and teaching me He was who I could trust. Not like some priest but like my real brother living in me. Teaching me to be like him so I could live a peacefull happy life. Not teaching me about latin or about greek. He was training me like a brother training his brother to serve his Father so I could live in his house as his brother not to live in the vatican but to live somewhere not made by human hands greater than the vatican. So the vatican wasnt on my mind. When I looked at some of the other students in the program I could see Jesus in their eyes and in their face and discern that Jesus was teaching them also to be a brother to he. Even as some of them spoke I would hear Jesus in their voice such as he was in mine. It is something not of this world and you dont experience anything like it attending mass. Not any protestant or pentecostal church is anything like it either. I have attended several churchs of various denominations and nothing was like this. I was actually learning that Jesus is in me and not just a priest but my best friend and the only person I could trully trust and the only reason I could trust anyone else also that he was beyond what cool is and beyond what mighty is. He is the master in a friendly way and cares about even the little things like stubbing our toes. How well we comb our hair. When we bump our leg on a chair he cares. The way we walk he cares. The way we eat he cares about. The way we speak he cares about. The way we fight and the way we work. He is in us. So reflect his Holiness his way by believing he is in you all the way a brother and all the way there to teach you and guide. The holy spirit really is Jesus you just may not understand it is really he in you. HIs legs , His arms, His eyes, His hands are all in youre legs,eyes,face,hands,feet ect. He will teach to be his brother and sister. Also I might ad that the Lord has more advesary then the military has of any nation. Greater advesary. So his teachings are like a brother teaching a brother or sister to war against the advesary . The training of Jesus Christ is more secretive then the CIA or NSA. Who we are to God is not even possible for the Priests to understand enough. How important we are to Jesus is more important than any priest will ever know or care. Think of it this way if you were actually in someone as Jesus is in his people. Would you want someone to be hurt or to do something wrong or a different way than you do it. Would you want someone to know youre secrets you told someone you were inside of. Jesus is close to us that way that when our hands are weak his hands are in ours and suffers with us. When we lack faith he is in us and suffers us that he has faith and is in us. When we cant quite  understand some earthly thing he does and suffers us that he is in us. Not as a demon but as our creator, as our brother and as our teacher, as our guide, as the source of all our attribute and the master of our heart. If youre heart was in someones would you grieve when they grieve and rejoice when they rejoice. So believe Jesus wants only the best for you . Wouldnt you if you were in someone.

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