Monday, January 25, 2010

The Lord in us/ 22 meditations about the Lord in us. /

I wanted to share more thoughts about the Lord being in us.
If you have time think of meditations that coinside with the examples I listed. There is probably an endless amount of meditations to the Lord being in us even in simple teachings as this.

1. If Jesus christ is in someone would he want to be a slave to anyone who isnt baptised in the spirit of his father. If the master was baptised would Jesus want to be slave to himself. So is Jesus who teaches slavery to a house of this world even the houses of the priests.

2. Would Jesus want to be paid less than meets his needs if he were in someone and had to suffer because that person isnt being paid enough for thier work.

3. Would Jesus want someone he's in do something another persons way when he is teaching the persons he's in how to do them the way he needs it done.

4. Would Jesus be unharmed if he were in someone and the person he's in was attacked or robbed.

5. Could a person take a hit off a marijuana joint, or crack pipe with Jesus inside and not cause Jesus to suffer.

6. If Jesus is in someone and a psychologist wants to examine them for thier mind not thinking as the world. Wouldnt that be like a doctor trying to treat another doctors patient. Isnt Jesus a greater physician and if he was in that person treating him would he want the other doctor to administer drugs as a cure that would alter the mind and heart while he is in the patient.

7. If Jesus was in someone would he want them to be molested while he's in them or to fornicate with someone.

8 If Jesus was in someone would he want them to do something gay while he's in their body.

9. If Jesus was in someone would he want the person to lose in a war. or to fight a war against someone else hes in. wouldnt that be like Jesus fighting himself.

10.. If Jesus was in someone would he want anyone to know that persons business or to invade their privacy wouldnt that be like invading Jesus's privacy.

11. If the Lord is in some man would he marry that same man to a woman full of worldly spirits and the devil. If the Lord was in a woman would he want to be in her while she dresses like a whore or seduces a man. Would he be uneffected by her fornicating with a man she's not married to.

12. If the Lord was in a man would he want that man to have a woman authority over him.. Was Jesus a woman Is he a woman. wouldnt he want her to be obedient to him.

13. Would Jesus rival against Jesus.

14/ Would Jesus compete with Jesus in sports .

15. Would Jesus leave himself in need.

16. Would Jesus try and sell himself something he didnt need or for more than its worth.

17 Would Jesus lie about himself to himself

18 would Jesus sue himself

19 would Jesus not help himself if needed help with anything.

20. would Jesus slander himself

21. If Jesus is in someone would he obey a different master then himself.

22. Would Jesus want someone he's in to glory in their flesh if he was in it and suffering that they are not perfect and keep sinning and he still has to teach them his ways until their perfect because he is and is in them.

There is many more maybe even no end to it. so I hope you get the point and can think about this more now

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