Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jewish evangelism

 All around  the world   is  Jewish   followers  who  were  never  decendants of the tribes of israel.    When Christ died and rose again he dissolved the old covenant the Jews had with our God. Their denial of christ while he was here on earth and after he ascended brought Gods wrath and indignation upon them. They didnt understand what they were really doing was disobeying God by disobeying his son and even to the point of murdering him on the cross. When Rome decided to destroy israel God did not help Israel as he had in the past. You can read in Macabees the several on going battles and wars Israel had with Rome and Greece. The many persecutions the Jews suffered. Now the hebrew Roman Paul and Peter were free citizens of Rome and they were building the church which was not Jewish to the Romans. The Romans set many Jews into exile and yet many Romans were converting to christ. The gospels truth was being spread across the civilized world and even savages living in the wilderness were becoming Gods children.  The Jews were doing everything they could to disprove Jesus Christ was the messiah. They were devising doctrines and starting new cult religions disguised as christs faith.     They even did as much as evangelize thier own jewish faith to decieve the many elect or masses.
  This Jewish evangelism seems to me to be to lead people away from christianity making it seem like the christians are only jews who believe in a messiah that hasnt come yet. The christian faith we believe in welcomes all and the Jews were not as well recieved by the world they were now scattered abroad and had to adapt to. They resorted to welcoming others to their faith and even evangelizing to some degree to please the masses and prove they are teaching no less of covenant with our Lord. The many years has never really given Jewish religion an innocent cause just a greater disguise to the world.  In modern times the Jews along with many cults started by Jews and groups such as freemasons and other secular advesary have devised every means to lead people away from the Gospels truth and the true salvation of the covenant with our Lord.  To make it appear like the church is just as jews believed in the same times as christ. Many jews exist today and yet so few are really the decendants of the tribes of Israel. There was no covenant the remaining tribes of israel had after christ dissolved the old and brought new life to all those who would believe  he is the truth, the life , and the way.
      The deception of the secular jews of today is this. The Lord Jesus Christ came to fulfill the prophecies of jewish prophets. Each one of the 12 patriarchs and their decendants were Gods people . They were the Holy children of God. The power of God protected them and preserved them . When christ came those Patriarchs were divine leaders of Gods kingdom. They received a Blessing that God reserved for only his faithfull servants. We can receive the same blessing by recieving those prophets as much as we do the gospels truth. Not making us jews like modern jews but Gods Holy children such as the family of God is in the spirit. We are baptised into the same faith as elijah and Abraham not as his decendants but as a greater Blessing then being the carnal decendants of flesh even flesh that had been of the blood of Abraham . We are born of the blood of christ . The same spirit that concieved Jesus in mary's womb has given us a birth atoned by christ himself. Not AAron not Melchizedek, not the Levites but the Son of God. Jews converting people and teaching them it is possible to know God and not believe in Jesus teach their is another birth other than christ that a man can be Known by God. It's not even the catholic priests or Pope that a man can know God. Its Jesus Christ. However there is mysteries to his faith that include the Pope and priests. As for instance the keys to the kingdom of heaven and confession. Definately because of Jesus Christs covenant we have a greater mediator than a priest of this world and it is that Jesus mediates that the church fathers do bless us with confessional services. There are many mysteries to Christs faith. The gospels are only a few words to explain what is most important to understand. The kingdom of heaven is more than just a spate of human words can describe or educate about. Life in the spirit is very Great to live. The moment of our life here barely will reflect the many moments of eternity and many blessings bestowed upon us for having faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.
      The many blessings of Gods kingdom though are not for the jews who do not believe in Jesus. Even though the jewish religion is studying doctrine about our God. They have no way for those words to be taught them by the Holy Spirit that it would really be written in their hearts. Their many prayers have no high priest to intercede for them. Their many ceremonies have no high priest to anoint and bless. They have not the kingdom of heaven in them. That is yet another deception. By teaching thier jewish religion to gentiles they teach there is a way for a person to be a citizen of Gods kingdom without having confessed thier faith in Jesus Christ. So much of modern times reflects the falsehoods of  these heretic and hypocrite who are really civilian to heaven and not heavens saints or soldiers. We as the church are not civilian to the Kingdom of heaven we are all one in the spiritual wars. We all have an anointing from God to be his free children. We are his servants the jews are not nor is the world. Such as a soldier is not civilian to its governement we are not civilian to God. Yet no government is Gods kingdom nor any nation. So the army, navy , airforce , marines, coastguard these are not organizations that give grace to become Gods servant. Only faith in Jesus Christ can bring reward of the keys of Gods kingdom. God will tell many to go away saying "Go away I never knew you". Yet they claimed to be serving the Lord and to do things in his name. One of the ways these kinds of people are decieved is that there is a way to serve God other than having faith in Jesus Christ.  Not one charity , not one government job, not anything man does serves the Lord unless that person did it by faith in Jesus Christ.
       Much like a kingdom of medieval and even some modern kingdoms there are servants to the king or kings. The kings servants are his court and the rest of the people are civilians. The blood line of the kings and their courts are nobile blood lines that inherit the kingdom. The civilians do not inherit it and are only civilians outside of the castles that have dominion over the rest of the kingdom. The jews were under a covenant were they were Gods people by inherited blood lines. The blood of those chosen who had faith in God and sins of their blood atoned. The atonement of thier bloodlines was not an eternal atonement and their inherited covenant past away. The blood of christ made atonement eternally and the body and blood of christ is how we inherited the kingdom of heaven. Much like a kings decendants born of his blood inherit his kingdom. The blood of christ is how we become Gods children. He intercedes to the father and his atonement for sins cleanses us from the unrighteous bloodline. However there is no cure all for the sins of the flesh. Our children do not inherit christs kingdom because we have faith. They also must have faith and be born of christ blood himself not ours. So we to can recieve crowns of life for enduring and living righteous lifes. There is not one king on earth who's blood can atone the sins of his people or his children. Not one king who's kingdom is the kingdom of heaven or who has authority to grant pardons for sin the same as christ did for us. The king Bishops of medieval times would of had some kind of interceding power to forgive confessors yet only because of the Blood of christ not the blood of the king Bishop. A catholic is not born a catholic just because his or her parents are catholic. We are all concieved in sin no one is better that way. So its not the flesh of a catholic that they are citizens to heaven its only thier spirit. The life of thier blood is not eternal the life of thier spirit is. So their bloodlines will not be eternally begotton unless they to are born of the body and blood of christ. There is no nobile blood to the Lord who created all life accept his blood. There is no bloodline not even David's bloodline will inherit Gods kingdom accept that they are born of the body and blood of JESUS CHRIST. No kings cause no rulers cause, no rich mans cause is righteous or nobile accept christs cause. Not one is better because of their blood then anyone who confesses christ. All things were created through christ his dominion is allmighty and powerfull. The transgressions of even the nobilist of bloodlines are like filthy rags to the pure blood of christ. Not even the levites bloodlines can atone sin not even the highest of the kingdoms of jews can be citizens to heaven accept that they confess the Lord Jesus Christ . Yet that makes them no better than any human because the gospel of the Lord is his truth that the redemption of all mankind is not about a kingdom here on earth such as jews would establish or even any established by catholic or christian. It is about niethers bloodlines it is about those who the blood of christ has given eternal life to and atoned forever.    

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