Friday, January 8, 2010

'A few words on Peter and the Papacy

I was not raised a catholic. As a child I attended church with neighbor kids each sunday. My first catholic communion was at age 8 or 9 I am not even certain the exact age. My neighbor who was a catholic invited me to church. He told me how to put my finger in the holy water and make a sign of the cross as we walked in to the cathedral. He explained the service to me as we recited the apostles creed I remember being just a fraction of a second off repeating what others say around me. When communion time came he told me to just walk up to the priest and stick my tongue out and say Amen when he stuck the eucharist in my mouth. I was in the spirit the whole service . It wasnt the first time I had been in the spirit that I recall but it was the first time I had ever experienced the Lord in the manner which he gave me confidence and assurance that day that I was his child and known by him. It was all so quick and mysterious the moment I put my finger in the holy water at the door and made the cross sign I was embraced by God and in the spirit the rest of the service. I felt this overwhelming cleansing sensation in my heart and mind and a tremendous emotional cleansing and strengthened. My worries just vanished and I couldnt even really fathom how I could even understand the service. I had always attended nazerene services or church of God sunday schools. Yet never had God seemed so close and it was the first time I really understood it was the Lord who strengthens me and cleanses my heart. I contined on in my life discontinuing to fellowship with protestant or attend sunday schools. I kept a st jude pendant and made the cross sign in silent prayer for several years but never even worded prayer . I was mindfull of the Lord and new I was to serve him but didnt have a catholic family and did not want to be protestant. At age 22 I finally converted.  I was told by the priest that he believed I already believe in Jesus and that I only needed to be confirmed catholic. So I only had to attend a few catachism classes . I read the catachism book after i was confirmed. I read it twice through. I actually was carrying it around as I travelled it got so burdensome because it was a heavy book to carry. I put it in the hotel room drawer and switched it with the gideons bible they had. The gideons was a lot lighter. I then replaced that with a catholic bible. I never had thought much of the Pope or papacy. I wasnt taught much more than the worship songs and the basic teachings of the church about tything and other simple teachings about being a member of a parish. When I left the parish It was almost like desolation in the cities. The once warm small town communion in a beautifull parish become a cold and desolate city with strange people in a huge cathedral full of people I did not know and lived in a large evil urban society.  The Lord began to teach me how great he are so I was not discouraged just not as settled and comfortable. I still had no real teachings about the papacy. My understanding about the church came straight from the bible and from whatever God taught me in the spirit. Each day the protestant church was less and less to me. I felt home free in that regards. I could not imagine wanting to be a protestant. Yet I missed the small community communion not having to think of the Pope or this Great empire of cathedrals. A few years ago I saw a hawaiin gardens for sale near hollywood california. It was selling for 800,000 dollars. I was fascinated by this garden being for sale. I thought wow I could actually buy a hawaiin garden. People dream alot in hollywood but I felt like this garden was just about within my reach . Almost like reaching out my hand to grab it but it was just a fingertip away. I got this idea to start a worship garden. Hollywood being such a tourist area I was certain it would be a full time ministry I could do to serve the Lord. I planned and planned. I racked my brains on fund raising and investors. I ran into this small details. I hadnt been ordained and didnt know any of the local clergy. Thats when I started to question the authority of the Papacy. Not its authority over doctrine but over what we could as ministry and having to be taught in a seminary or wait for an approval of someone not God. I planned and planned. I read the bible all the way through the next year and my thoughts were changing. I could no longer think of only a worship Garden my thoughts were consumed with the whole gospel and I began to hate the city. I realised I could no longer be a hustler in the city or an undercover detective bumbling around in the evils of society. I needed to live more carefull and so I started looking at land for sale in Oregon to set up an organic farm. I recently applied for admissions to get a degree in flight technology. My grandfather owned a small airport and one small airplane . He was a flight instructor. He had medical problems and couldnt fly anymore by the time I was born. I lived on an airforce base for 2 1/2 years and started to look into flying. It was expensive so I was discouraged. Recently it dawned on me I could get grants and loans and get a degree . Living on a sustainable homestead and flying for living became the perfect solution to culture. Yet the ministry I had planned was seeming less to me. I decided to study more about the papacy and spent many hours thinking about it. I reasoned this that I would share. Rome in those times was a free society. The book of macabees tells us a bit about the wars of Rome and Greece against Gods people before christ.  Paul and Peter were Roman citizens but born jews. In order for the gospel to be spread the apostle Paul needed to be free that is why God chose him along with the fact that he was fullfilling the prophecy of Benjamin. The church needed to be headed in Rome because of political reasons . Peter being a Roman citizen could freely organize the church and maintain a free citizenship. Peter had actually denied christ three times and was rebuked by Paul for living like a jew. He wasnt the Rock christ is. However The authority of the church is different then the world. It is to edify and uplift not Lord dominion and dictate. So to build up Peter's confidence and uplift the Lord made him a rock to build upon. Our strength is our weakness's. Peter's weakness was his loyalty and his confidence in his conversion. Rome such a harlot it is condemned in the bible. So to establish authority in Rome and head operations there where the harlot lived was like dropping a bomb on the harlotry of Rome. The highest office of the Holy Church was built right in the same place as the highest office of whoredoms. The spiritual battle had begun. Yet as the church was evangelizing Rome was enslaving nations and establishing its evil authority. The Lord new what was to come. One after another because of his holy church the Roman Empire was defeated by the nations it had conquered. New free societies were established of which the church had complete dominion. Unlike Rome where the whoredoms still rocked the world. The papacy began to be different to society. Where once no societies existed there were great nations of free societies. Finally a world war rocked the world. The final outcome was still greater freedom and actuall alliance against The once great Rome and any other oppressor. The Papacy become the only authority left. Its unholy neighbor was dethroned and the Roman principality was changed. Still in secret corridors the evils of the roman cultures had grafted its design in many cultures and the whoredoms of rome thrive today as their original fashioner had designed. Today The church of Rome seems like a great empirical threat to freedom where at one time it was the assurance of it. The many free societies some very great in power make it seem not as thesable that there was such a holy office that resided over us all. Yet with out a doubt it was the Lords will to serve as a strength to our faith not a weakness. How much weaker would it have been to establish the office in a third world country. There wasnt much of a europe back then and I am sure the vikings would of had a hay day. I do have other thoughts about it I will not share at this time because they are my own secrets. But definately it is a security to us however in modern times there needs to be an assurance that the protestant evils and the plots of the wealthy and rivaling nations will not hinder the furtherance of the gospel or give place to the anti christ and his followers.


  1. Peter recieving his title as pope was much like wizard on wizard of ozz giving the lion a heart. The lion didnt have any courage and started crying when dorothy scolded him. He was afraid of Dorothy a young weak girl. Peter denied christ three times weak in faith. The Wizard gave the lion a heart shaped emblem or amulet and the lion gained courage and was brave. It built him up. The Lord Jesus Christ gave Peter a High office of Rome which is in modern day the Popes office. The Lord giving Peter this office was like the lion getting courage from the Wizard. Peter was weak yet to give Peter confidence he gave him a high office that required strong loyal faith. The Lord Jesus called Peter a rock to build him up and to show his way was to forgive and to build up and edify. The Lords ways are higher than mans. Yet he wanted to show that it was he who gives strength that even peter the cowardly lion could be strengthened and called a rock. Paul a strong man of faith and courage was not moved as easy as peter and served as a brother who knew the Lords righteous ways and a zeolous israelite was humbled fulfilling prophecy bringing honor to Benjamin the patriarch his forefather. Paul didnt need a heart like lion for courage. Paul didnt need strength or high office for encouragement. He needed to bring honor to the tribe of benjamin by fulfilling his prophecy about Paul bringing the laws of God to the Gentiles and converting them over to the Lord. He was given a commission by Jesus to spread his gospel to do this and by teaching of Jesus and how we are freed from sin and death he accomplished this. Paul is a Patron of our freedom and of righteousness.