Friday, January 22, 2010

A few words about modern consumerism

A few words about modern america and consumerism

In modern day since the 1980's over 100million people have moved to this country . There is such a large increase in population of people who's families where not formally established as pioneers or traditional american heritage. These families set off a culture frenzy on a large scale. They had no traditional values of american identity or loyalty. The development of american culture and its many years of pioneering and development was being trampled. It really would of been a very good thing had the wealthy merchants and money loving people not wanting to work for their money didnt get in the way. The new mass market of new comers brought on consumerism as a source of riches for the few and rip offs and misery for the many. The increased populations of the cities of immigrants should of increased jobs for the small town american pioneer heritage. In most smaller cities should of been manufacurers reaping profits from the new increase in demand for hardware supplies and other commodities. Yet instead it was easier for the retail merchants to buy chinese products and enslave people in other countries for little or no wage. So they began to rip off america and send it to the pit. The blatant denials of the nations real needs and security to hide the truth about american people who werent the new population but the original heritage. they did all they could to turn the nation against itself. To sell it to other countries and lead people into a cultural consumerism that weakened all ends of mans work. The agriculture still is a primary and ultimate need of the people . Yet every city should of been a new market for new hardware products of this country not china. Today if a quick development of new hardware products and manufacturers was established within the next few years we would see a shocking turn around in our country. Not only is it simple because of modern autocad computer programs but it was simple years ago. the process is very easy for those who have resources and instead they blattantly after education joined the forces of the merchants and rip off artists not wanting to work for a living

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