Friday, January 22, 2010

america and contradictions to modern consumerism

The nations work and modern contradictions

This is my attempt to share a little common sense and critical reasoning about living,working,and being a citizen of this country. America was one of the last societies of this world to be established. There was just raw land occupied only by indian people who lived uncivilised in accordance to the knowledge of the rest of the world. There was no society in comparison to the roman,greek,jewish,asian,european,and middle eastern standards. The face of america was nothing but vast fruited plains and large unharvested timbers. with mountains and rivers full of minerals and metals. The new world was discovered and each person settling in america had to understand the raw needs of thier own body and thier families. The work of man and the knowledge and wisdom american had to understand from the raw about living in their untamed country. They couldnt goto burger king and apply for a job. or do online marketing, door to door sales, or telemarketing. The original pioneers needed water,food,and shelter. The understanding about thier liberty came from the bible and thier own reasoning about thier pioneer work. The grace of life was in its raw state as a nation. The ten commandment though shall not steal was in effect. Even to God whatever each person owned was their own property. The land was theirs to God. Though Indians would argue it was all thiers. The fact is they had not established any authority that resembled christs. They did not honor the roman church or even have any communion according to the doctrine of the gospel which was given to us by the apostles. So laying aside the indians nation. The nation of america being built was owned by the peoples of that nation to God for any other nation to try and take it away it would be a transgression or tresspass right to defend. The rights of the peoples inheritely was the gospels truth about our freedom and life in the spirit as heirs to christ and his throne. No contradictions could exist in the governing rights written to the rights of our citizenship to heaven. The raw of rights and rem were in effect.

They drilled wells for water and tilled the land. The water ways of nature became water ways for the living springs of wealth and prosperity. The shape of a nation was taking form. Each mans work was essential to the survival of the nation. At such a young age the strength of the nation depended upon the work of its hands. there was no inventions. The banks were still just paper. There was no machines to help them. The Life people lived was woven into the fabrics of history. The liberty they fought for had not been hidden under the dark clouds of consumerism such as today. They didnt have mortgage debts and credit cards the same as today. They didnt have to worry about china importing their products. They just were given land from the government to build a house on out of timber they harvested themselves and tilled the land for produce. The cities were developing and their was a new understanding underway. Some men could understand their own work so well they invented inventions that aided other mens work and womans work. They designed a nation from a free society with an easy to understand freedom that had to do with the nation they built from thier own hands. The modernist and consumerism took that away from us today. The population increase since the 80's took the foundations of the real nation and created a dark cloud of oppression over the sunny skies of freedom. Our independance as a nation was the real independance of the work and identity of our pioneer fore fathers. Each generation of american inherited that identity and independance from the fore fathers. With exception of those who new not their fathers or their mothers. Yet it was not a make believe liberty each individuals. So therefor not a make believe liberty the whole nations. Which gave freedom to even the most unfortunate. Freedom to make a name for themselves and to build upon the same foundations as the pioneers. The development of the nation was as life is real an absolute reality. Of course their was false concepts and principles and as the world goes the fabrics woven were of the similar patterns of Roman,Greek,Jews,and the european fabrics just sown with a bit different material and with different thread. So for the monarchs to try and own america was becoming like trying to take a garment that belonged to another away from that rightfull owner. Like trying to take the shirt off someones back. It was no longer just forests and plains. It was the work of many peoples hands who fought for their own freedom. A fabric woven in a similar pattern as other societies but not with the same materials or thread and not by the same seamstress our lady liberty.

For them to try and take dominion it was as a stranger taking office in the building someone else built for themselves. When each generation had inherited that building from their forefathers then it became as someone trying to place themself in an office that was owned by the ospring of the original builders. Like stealing an inheritance. Not only in the higher offices is it like stealing rent, its also like a stranger collecting rent from the building owned by the original builders ospring. That is what it is like today. Strangers from different lands have placed people in offices that were built for and by the forefathers of many american. Like stealing rent away from the building owner. they cheat us of our taxes and use it for their own private secret societies. There was never complete loyalty in america. the first founders of our nation were freemasons. The freemasons themselves were not the majority of people who actually built america with their own hands and killed to defend it with their own hands. The modern new americans have been like a stranger for many years now. The dilemma is this same thing. When their majority vote is placing people in office it is like a stranger making an office in someones building they inherited from their forefather. In some measure it is almost like stealing someones residence away and trying to make them strangers in their own house. The modern wars ofcourse are in defense of our country but how does it make a new country when the original one is the one the people who inherited it own. Consumerism is to place people indebted to make believe Lords of money. They marketed a nations rights. They couldnt really possibly have owned everyones rights. So by using property titles and decietfull mortgages they made an attempt to take the rights away for their profit. Now the real needs of each person are lied about. The actual work people need to do is not much different then the forefathers of this country. They need to make ways for them to have shelter ,water , and food and defend their freedom. The newcomers could of submitted and surrendered to the real fight for freedom and instead joined up and followed along with the strangers of other lands and other houses that lute america's true resources of life and liberty and happiness

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