Thursday, November 19, 2009

On the Shoulders of Christ

In the book of Isaiah it tells us the government is on the shoulders of our Lord Jesus Christ. We know that the Lion of the tribe of Judah is Jesus Christ. Who is christ as the Lord of Lords. It is easy to understand how he is King of Kings. The many lords of this earth are who make the principalities so dark. Cromwell was Lord Protector of England. He declined office of king stating he was only serving God (the Lord Most High). It is alot of work and research to find out all the details to the establishment of governments. However the scriptures tell us the government is on christs shoulder. In the same book of Isaiah it tells of how the rulers mislead people and cause them to err. So how does the Lord of Lords rule these rulers. Does he raise up men who lash out like Cromwell and strike them down?. Does he raise up prophets like the book of Judges and Macabees. How is the government on christs shoulders if the politicians are corrupt and its public?. We know that the inquisitions reaped terror on many governments and unbelieving people. Because of the authority of christ I myself do not resent or try to make evil out of the inquisition. However I am sure it was by no means the Lords perfect will or executed in that manner. The knights of the Black Tower of Germany were christian or catholic men who were Lords in charge of religious warring. They established the monarchy of Windsor along with german principalities. The Roman Catholic Church had many Bishops who Like St. Gregory and others who helped establish european govenments. In russia also there was an orthodoxy and roman catholic established government. In China when Marco Polo visited China he was told by the secret officers there that they were christian or catholic secretly. The illusion of evil having power and authority over us is the publicans blind following of rich politicians who lord their power over the public. In Democratic Republics we need not to look to the polls for proof of christs reign because God is not accepting ballots. Two men with the last name of Marshall were american examples. One is Peter Marshall who established the chaplain office in the House of the Senate. The other is George C. Marshall who was author of the Marshall plan to extend billions to the reconstruction of europe after world war II.
It tells us in Gods word that do to contraditions nation will rise and fall. How many nations have risen and fallen before our eyes in modern times and throughout history. It is mysterious how powerfull our Lord is. What is a Lord? The feudal system of europe gave title of Lord to someone who collected rents or had office as authority over lands and tenants sharing the prophets of those lands. The word Lord can be traced back to a germanic tribal chieftain who would make sure people are fed. That is similar to the Lord telling Peter to feed his sheep. Although I am sure the Lord meant spiritual food when speaking to Peter. In modern times the office of the Pope would be similar to Peter's. In England there is still a House of Lords. In the United States our House of Senate and Congress is like the House of Lords . However The words of Thomas Jefferson in his farmbook that he stated the closest thing to noble title in america is being a manufacturer. He noted that his place as a nail manufacturer was much more of a noble title to him then any of his political works or Farming. Many of the early american powers actually were Freemason who I doubt had the Lord Gods work on their agenda. Can't God without lifting a finger remove power from any of the perverted and corrupt powers?. How about Nebachenezzer?. Isn't God able to do beyond our own understanding?. It is the illusions of modern times that we must pray about. We must pray to keep the government on the shoulders of Christ. However I think just following christ and working with diligence and faith as unto the Lord our God will lead us to safer pastures. Being on the shoulders of christ doesnt mean that the Government is the Head. It means our existing Government is resting on the shoulders of the same body of christ. So would that mean the church being christs body is the shoulder which the government rests?.

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