Thursday, November 26, 2009

Modernist Christianity

Modernist Christianity has a long period of evolution. Although my blogsite is titled Modern Church. I do not have any true hold to the philosophy of Early Liberal Christian theologons. Really in my view what is truly liberal christianity is politicaly inspired not biblically inspired. Modernist Christians are to me seeming as the bible explains people will do who follow the anti-christ. It tells us in Gods word that he will decieve even the elect. Although the true anti-christ is not in power today to my knowledge. There are anti-christs not as great who decieve many people. False prophets , twisted philosophers, and theologians set out to interpret cultures and human behavior into a self righteous religion disguised as our Lords Faith. In reality all they are doing is trying to make the Lords atonement seem to make thier evil ways to be innocent. Meaning they want it to justify their liberal left wing political causes and immoral lifes not to atone their sin before the Lord as to cleanse them from those unrighteous ways. So they try and make the blood of christ not a shield of faith to protect from the wiles of Satan. They try and make it into a cloak to hide their sinfullness instead of to shield them from sinfullness. They turn a religion about Gods Peace and Love and turn it into some kind of hippie pervaded love. To make Gods faith into their own faith wanting it to only be about theology. So they can just argue theology. To them it isnt really our Lords faith. They have no real faith that they would really know the Lord as Christ only that in words they read it says he is Lord. Without faith in God and truly learning from Jesus about his righteous ways they know only doctrine and not the Lord as Savior. They want to be saved from works and from knowledge of doctrine but have no faith and in truth interpret the doctrine to make their own carnal life into an imitation of christs life as they want to interpret it.
     What I myself think of when I think of Modern Church is this. Christ leading us toward the throne.  According to the word of God this is the day of preparation. Where christ is leading us is toward his throne away from the thrones of the world and to prepare us for the end times. What we hear from evangels and see on t.v. about revelations is from theologians and from philosphers and political groups. We need to focus on the anointing of our Lord becoming truly greater because it is the end times. Times are getting close we have to prepare for the real Jesus Christ to return . All the cultures of this world and our fellowhship are not withstanding the judgement to come. Modern Church is as it sounds the church in modern times. The Modern Body of Christ needs to prepare for what is to come. The improvements and corrections to go from Glory to Glory not from Glory to shame. The Throne of christ is where we are headed not the pit of political dispair.

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