Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah

So now that I have shared my views about Oliver Cromwell. What has it lead anyone to reason?. I am excited that I have come this far in the Lord that my own understanding is growing. It is more evident to me that where the Lord has lead me is to understand who he is as"The Lion of the Tribe of Judah".
Isaiah is a wonderfull prophet who's words foretell of the failure of the world. Also how God is to reckon with the world. The words of King David are the vivid musical words of David that draw a picture of the Lords ways in a beautiful array of prophecy. His words are majestic. He is the King of the tribe of Judah who gave us the words to understand the
Lords majesty and magnificent reign over the righteous and the wicked. How faith rules the universe and how all creation must bow to our God.

Who is Judah in modern times?. Where is Judah in modern times?. It is written that the gentiles will condemn even israel for not having faith. How many faithfull men in history had served the Lord to set the governments upon the shoulders of christ?. To crown christ as king and bow before the living God. How many after they had trampled the works of the righteous to pervade and corrupt the justice bestowed?. Each servant of the Lord who did works to honor our God had done only what they were called to do.
How do we serve the Lord who is the King of Kings and Lion of the tribe of Judah?. As the lion, he reigns over all the tribes of isreal and all the kings of israel. As king of kings he rules over all the universe and all mankind. As prince of peace he is high priest forever and reigns over the bishops and deacons. He is the master of our doctrine and of our spirit. His hands are holy and wield a greater weapon. The words of our Lord are powerfull not just as reason but they are a weapon against the father of lies. The words of God are like a command from heaven they are promises that God will grant us eternal life. They are instructions that guide us to victory. Even to victory in war and peace.

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