Thursday, November 26, 2009

An interesting site titled Vatican Assasins

vatican assasins video's

This man seems to have quite a bit of knowledge to the actuall powers of the vatican and its role over the world powers. It is very interesting.

He seems to be a baptist which I am not. However I dont trust the people involved with the vatican or any principality. Who should trust wealthy powers?. Much of it he talks about is really none of our business unless you really want to know what people do to have power enough to rule. I am actually greatfull the Vatican has had power it could be worse there could be a bunch of hippie pot heads in power over us. How about John Wayne guys that would suck a whole lot. So let's be thankfull for the little things and just not bow down and consider them to really be an greater than their money makes them unless they really are.  Watch out times are tough because God doesnt help the world live its own life. Its Gods life he created humans for his own purpose . Humans just dont believe it and try and live according to their own ideas. The quarrel is usually over who's to say those ideas are wrong or right. If someone is not speaking absolutely the exact words of the gospels truth . Usually it is someones opinion they are speaking . So there is power from wealth and wisdom. Let us not consider ourselves to wise or higher than we ought to think of ourselves. Doing so we shouldnt esteem those powers as infallible or really perfect reflections of the light of truth or some kind of Justice in anyway bringing honor to the Lord. God does that himself if we believe. He rules over everyone and life is short. If we can get rid of the Freemasons lets do it. I cant support Jews,muslim,islam, or athiests. I just cant. I cant even support baptists. It isnt right for me to do after being baptised catholic. Truly I can support any human in seeking the truth and seeking justice. Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all things will be given unto you.   The kingdom of heaven is within us once we are born in Gods Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has power beyond all power. So quietly and peacefully God can without lifting a finger take the power from someone on earth. So believe in the power of prayer . Seek to be in communion with God as though he knows you personally and doesnt betray youre secrets. Ask him in secret and he will answer in secret. pray for the world but most of all pray for youre own salvation to be secured and the right authority to be in power not the wrong authority. I understand that it may seem a conspiracy that there is authority of not the same faith as you. Yet think what it would seem to a catholic if muslims were in power in america. To a catholic who was a puritan like Cromwell who killed catholic civilians. I can't be on both sides of the fence yet I can be the church as much as anyone else. I ask God to take place of that fence and be my mighty fortress. A strong tower. I chose to learn a bit about observation taking a detective course. So my mind often puts me at a distance as an observer. However partaking in the holy blessings of God and in his infinite eternal life is the true calling. I observe only to reason out who is telling the truth and what exactly people are doing. I urge each one of you to not concern yourself with what others are doing so much that you don't serve the Lord yourself because of what others teach you or are doing themselves. Watchout for false teachings. I learned from God not from a seminary. However the scriptures tell us he left his spirit to guide us and teach us not a school. So learn right from God recieve his sacraments not from the hands of those he feeds like a dog under the table. Get fed right from the Lord. Desire his spiritual gifts desire his secrets to the kingdom of heaven to be taught right to youre own heart. Do be a dog begging at the table. He doesnt consider anyone more important and knows every fault each person has. No one can teach you grace except the Lord himself in the spirit. God doesnt live in the church buildings and he isnt only around when the priest or minister is around. He is always with you. Like that poem about the footsteps in the sand. So be carefull you never know when angels are watching you. Most of all believe God has it all written down somewhere and it will be judged according to his loving kind mercy not the vatican or Billy Graham and the freemasons. I wanted to also share that I know my freedom comes from the very same God as the Pope and all the councils of protistants and politicians. If any contests that they are the devil and not my brother or my authority.

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