Friday, November 6, 2009

The Image of Oliver Cromwell

The image of our Modern America is much different then probably was originally thought out by the early Freemason Washington. However It isnt the Puritan vision of early settlers who werent freemason either. In modern times our American image is somewhat spineless and corrupt. I write spineless because the backbone of our country was its realistate. In modern times its like having a broken back or spineless economy with our current down market. However we reap what we sow and the realistate backbone that we had was not strengthened by strong ethics and morals. Another example of our spineless economy is the image of our markets. For example the entertainment industry. Pornography is the number one choice of entertainment in America. I worked for close to 5 years in sales. During my 5 years I met numerous sales people and worked on several sales jobs and was well aware of what other sales people were working on. The ethics and morals in sales and marketing is beyond the normal evil. The mindset of the average sales person is so self right ethically and morally there is no reality to their work. The image they create for each business is much like a wolf in sheeps clothing. The internet employs millions of people. How often are we spamed in our emails. How often is our identity bought and sold by corporations and internet market scam artists. Organized crime has been sky rocketing since the internet markets became so popular. Illegal Drug sales is very common amongst american public to increase their own financial status. The image of america is spineless and corrupt. So what about those of us who have faith in our creator. What about those of us who work not as corrupt drones conformed to the image of modern principalities?. There is darkness and there is light. The image of our creator is not mocked. The nations reap what they sow. America is reaping what it sowed now and it could get worse for those who conform to its image.

Oliver Cromwell's image was one of a greater example then George Washington. Why? is because he did not create an image for his nation to exalt it before the Lords image. He used no certain form of government to establish any set way of life.
He changed the government around and used an authoritarian form of government mostly. However it tells us in Gods word not to stray to the left or to the right.
Cromwell had declined the title of King and stated he was only the Lords servant. He gave his glory to the Lord God. He bowed down to God and didnt set up a throne where people would bow down before him or anyone after him. He had conquered the thrones that he viewed an offense against the Lord and his image. Unlike america's modern image. Cromwell was a fairly lowly person. He was a bottom level land owner who collected rents from a few tenants. He had 8 children and for the most part only had enough to support his family. He owned a farm and earned profits from farming. Very much different from the image of american realistate with all the get rich quick realistate guru's and Donald Trump. Even different from the modern Pope with his lavish vatican . How much Gold treasure and lavish luxury is really Lorded by the vatican. The vatican built from charity which isnt as spineless. However isnt it less of an example of the Lords image. Did christ come for the poor or not?. Wasnt it riches in heaven not earth he came to make us heirs to. How about Walt Disney the fantasy land realistate hero who created wealth out of thin air by creating amusement. This lavish image of fantasy and luxury has no spine. Cromwells image was very real and wasnt about the world. He took on the whole world just by taking on his whole nation. The words of Isaiah explain much of what the nation England may of been like in Cromwells time. In fact Isaiah describes much of modern times. So where is our Cromwell in modern times. Where is our Isaiah. Christ came and conquered the power of evil. The image of christ is beyond all images. How can we like Cromwell fight to the end not straying to the left or to the right?. Our modern democracy is extremely to the left currently and was extremely to the right before that. So how to we disown the state that upholds our rights. There is answers in the word of God to most of our worries. Psalms explains government pretty well and Isaiah much more. So to ensure we are following the Lord and his will we need to have faith. Isaiah served the Lord by Faith. David served the Lord by faith both lived in times where there was corruption and evil people with power. Cromwell did as David and Isaiah and he was not considered by all people to be righteous. How much more unrighteous is anyone who conforms to the modern image of any nation especially America. Instead we should conform to the image of God which is by remaining faithfull to the end and not straying to the left or to the right.

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