Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cromwell's Glory

It's been keeping me up at night trying to understand what Cromwell was really doing. His real motives and his true objective. I think I am beginning to understand what was happening. I am not a history major nor college educated about history. However I have read well over 1000 books in my adulthood and reason in the spirit. I understand that Puritans were not born into catholic families. They had not the same fellowship Catholic's had. They read the same bible and believed in the same Jesus Christ. The Lords real purpose of dying on the cross was so all mankind could know salvation. His true unstained image wasnt the image of the institute of the catholic faith. That was manmade. His image is the true mark the high priest forever. King of Kings and Lord of Lords. His temple was not made by human hands. The catholic church was. So the puritans were just as welcome to the Lord in fact everyone on earth at the time. God calls people in the spirit and baptises them in the spirit. I honestly believe the Catholic Church is the traditional church originally established as an institute. However each year catholics die and each year new borns are born who God also gives rights and salvation to. These children arnt born into catholic families and dont need a catholic baptism necessarily to get to heaven. To most catholics in those times the puritans were the world and I believe they may of been offensive toward puritans. Puritans had no need of their communion services and church buildings they had their own. Most by the time Cromwell had started his work were born in no time when there was no division. They werent even who started the division. Gods ways are higher than mans. It wasnt because catholics are catholics that he didnt want a division it was because of he. If at all like modern times. Many catholics didnt even believe in the Lord or even believing still lived as sinners. Which made them guilty of christs murder. However the Holy Priesthood was not as much a target I believe. Cromwell's target was the corruption and tyranny of the powers of his time. I think because catholic followed a traditional fellowship they were loyal to the powers that were who Cromwell contested. His fight was to abolish tyranny with or without the catholics. So not being a catholic and seeing them loyal to the powers that oppressed. He made his fight against them because they aided and supported the higher powers his fight was to dethrone. He had no need of the catholic institute if it was to side with the oppressors and accuse he or puritans of not being Gods church. The puritans were actually oppressed by the catholics in those times. Yet they were not born into catholic families and more than likely considered offensive of catholics. I see it similar to trying to get in the way of NSA or the CIA or Secret Service. What he was working on was a power that had not to do with the clergy. So if anyone stood against him he may of considered it against more than just himself but a cause that was to fight tyranny and oppression. I almost see it as though the catholics being the church stayed loyal to the oppressors they were subject to thus becoming more of the world then Cromwell who was ready to dethrone the whole world at least in the nation he lived in. Thus making him less of the world than the catholics at the time who couldnt leave the world and believed in traditional values of loyalty their reigning king. Even if the king and his courts were corrupt or oppressing the poor.

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