Friday, November 6, 2009

Cromwells Example

I am astonished I never gave much thought to who Oliver Cromwell was until recently. I read a few things about him in my early 20's and just had so much else to think about It didnt dawn on me his importance. I dont believe it is so important to know everything about him. However it is important to understand that he is proof that Freemasonry is uneeded . To me, Cromwell having done without using freemasonry what the freemasons tried to imitate here in America. That is example to me that there was no need of Freemasonry. Freemasonry definately did know that they could accomplish what they did because Cromwell had done so. However it also exposes to me that possibly our Democracy is not from such a divine wisdom. Our many problems throughout history makes me believe there is definately a way to clear up many problems. Its proof that there is gliches in our system and the way our Government is formed. Cromwell is proof to me that modern tyranny itself can be conquered. However I dont believe in Modern Times our fight is against catholicism. On the contrary I think our fight is against Freemasonry and Organized Crime. We need to conquer those corridors and to do that we have to understand Isaiah and Psalms. We also need to understand why secret society is so dangerous and uneeded. If a man can come to power as Cromwell without freemasonry then there is no need of Freemasonry for any man to succeed at anything. What Cromwell accomplished was done in such a manner that its almost like a farmer in modern day rising up to take on the mafia and killing all the Mob bosses along with the most elect who are involved. Not that assasinations are how to accomplish that in our times but definately Cromwell wouldnt of let the institute tell him otherwise if thats how he was going to stop it. Becoming a criminal to stop criminals isnt our answer. Corrupt are our lawmakers. So even non violent measures that expose they are corrupt would be unlawfull in their eyes. Unfortunately they have office of power over law. That is why I believe the wisdom is in isaiah and psalms also in the gospels to our victory and our Power over the evil of modern tyranny and modern corruption. It is in our gospels that the gospel of Jesus Christ is much more important then the purpose of the law. There is so much of a higher call and grace to the gospel then there is to law. The gospel is where the victory is. Our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the reign of soveriegn authority that is through his covenant with the unspotted church. The Church that is his body and pardoned not by grace of law but by the saving grace of Jesus Christ high priest forever. We are baptised into the same life that Isaiah and King David live. Our communion is with they and all the saints and prophets who came before the apostles along with all the saints of Gods church. The mystical power of the bloods atonement. Christ dissolved the power of evil over us. Our work is to expose the truth and to fight the good fight not the religious hypocrite one the jews and islam fight. Not the fight of law but the fight of the gospel. The truth of christs sovereign grace . Then we should pray for the secrets of heaven to be revealed to us in an unspotted manner. So that our secrets do not resemble the secrets of secret society. That our authority over the devil and his evil is in the blood of christ not in the temples of freemasonry. Christs atonement was the destruction of a temple not made by human hands and its resurrection and ascension to higher throne. Therefor our hearts need to be unspotted as temples of Gods love. Our hearts need to be full of his righteousness not the righteousness of law, but a higher grace that is uncorruptable.

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