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An interesting site titled Vatican Assasins

vatican assasins video's

This man seems to have quite a bit of knowledge to the actuall powers of the vatican and its role over the world powers. It is very interesting.

He seems to be a baptist which I am not. However I dont trust the people involved with the vatican or any principality. Who should trust wealthy powers?. Much of it he talks about is really none of our business unless you really want to know what people do to have power enough to rule. I am actually greatfull the Vatican has had power it could be worse there could be a bunch of hippie pot heads in power over us. How about John Wayne guys that would suck a whole lot. So let's be thankfull for the little things and just not bow down and consider them to really be an greater than their money makes them unless they really are.  Watch out times are tough because God doesnt help the world live its own life. Its Gods life he created humans for his own purpose . Humans just dont believe it and try and live according to their own ideas. The quarrel is usually over who's to say those ideas are wrong or right. If someone is not speaking absolutely the exact words of the gospels truth . Usually it is someones opinion they are speaking . So there is power from wealth and wisdom. Let us not consider ourselves to wise or higher than we ought to think of ourselves. Doing so we shouldnt esteem those powers as infallible or really perfect reflections of the light of truth or some kind of Justice in anyway bringing honor to the Lord. God does that himself if we believe. He rules over everyone and life is short. If we can get rid of the Freemasons lets do it. I cant support Jews,muslim,islam, or athiests. I just cant. I cant even support baptists. It isnt right for me to do after being baptised catholic. Truly I can support any human in seeking the truth and seeking justice. Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all things will be given unto you.   The kingdom of heaven is within us once we are born in Gods Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has power beyond all power. So quietly and peacefully God can without lifting a finger take the power from someone on earth. So believe in the power of prayer . Seek to be in communion with God as though he knows you personally and doesnt betray youre secrets. Ask him in secret and he will answer in secret. pray for the world but most of all pray for youre own salvation to be secured and the right authority to be in power not the wrong authority. I understand that it may seem a conspiracy that there is authority of not the same faith as you. Yet think what it would seem to a catholic if muslims were in power in america. To a catholic who was a puritan like Cromwell who killed catholic civilians. I can't be on both sides of the fence yet I can be the church as much as anyone else. I ask God to take place of that fence and be my mighty fortress. A strong tower. I chose to learn a bit about observation taking a detective course. So my mind often puts me at a distance as an observer. However partaking in the holy blessings of God and in his infinite eternal life is the true calling. I observe only to reason out who is telling the truth and what exactly people are doing. I urge each one of you to not concern yourself with what others are doing so much that you don't serve the Lord yourself because of what others teach you or are doing themselves. Watchout for false teachings. I learned from God not from a seminary. However the scriptures tell us he left his spirit to guide us and teach us not a school. So learn right from God recieve his sacraments not from the hands of those he feeds like a dog under the table. Get fed right from the Lord. Desire his spiritual gifts desire his secrets to the kingdom of heaven to be taught right to youre own heart. Do be a dog begging at the table. He doesnt consider anyone more important and knows every fault each person has. No one can teach you grace except the Lord himself in the spirit. God doesnt live in the church buildings and he isnt only around when the priest or minister is around. He is always with you. Like that poem about the footsteps in the sand. So be carefull you never know when angels are watching you. Most of all believe God has it all written down somewhere and it will be judged according to his loving kind mercy not the vatican or Billy Graham and the freemasons. I wanted to also share that I know my freedom comes from the very same God as the Pope and all the councils of protistants and politicians. If any contests that they are the devil and not my brother or my authority.

Modernist Christianity

Modernist Christianity has a long period of evolution. Although my blogsite is titled Modern Church. I do not have any true hold to the philosophy of Early Liberal Christian theologons. Really in my view what is truly liberal christianity is politicaly inspired not biblically inspired. Modernist Christians are to me seeming as the bible explains people will do who follow the anti-christ. It tells us in Gods word that he will decieve even the elect. Although the true anti-christ is not in power today to my knowledge. There are anti-christs not as great who decieve many people. False prophets , twisted philosophers, and theologians set out to interpret cultures and human behavior into a self righteous religion disguised as our Lords Faith. In reality all they are doing is trying to make the Lords atonement seem to make thier evil ways to be innocent. Meaning they want it to justify their liberal left wing political causes and immoral lifes not to atone their sin before the Lord as to cleanse them from those unrighteous ways. So they try and make the blood of christ not a shield of faith to protect from the wiles of Satan. They try and make it into a cloak to hide their sinfullness instead of to shield them from sinfullness. They turn a religion about Gods Peace and Love and turn it into some kind of hippie pervaded love. To make Gods faith into their own faith wanting it to only be about theology. So they can just argue theology. To them it isnt really our Lords faith. They have no real faith that they would really know the Lord as Christ only that in words they read it says he is Lord. Without faith in God and truly learning from Jesus about his righteous ways they know only doctrine and not the Lord as Savior. They want to be saved from works and from knowledge of doctrine but have no faith and in truth interpret the doctrine to make their own carnal life into an imitation of christs life as they want to interpret it.
     What I myself think of when I think of Modern Church is this. Christ leading us toward the throne.  According to the word of God this is the day of preparation. Where christ is leading us is toward his throne away from the thrones of the world and to prepare us for the end times. What we hear from evangels and see on t.v. about revelations is from theologians and from philosphers and political groups. We need to focus on the anointing of our Lord becoming truly greater because it is the end times. Times are getting close we have to prepare for the real Jesus Christ to return . All the cultures of this world and our fellowhship are not withstanding the judgement to come. Modern Church is as it sounds the church in modern times. The Modern Body of Christ needs to prepare for what is to come. The improvements and corrections to go from Glory to Glory not from Glory to shame. The Throne of christ is where we are headed not the pit of political dispair.

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Is not believing in the Pope's inherited authority a sin?

     Should we believe it is a sin to not surrender ourselves over to the Papacy.  It seems so much like the Jewish laws. I mean it is no ten commandment that we must bow to the Papacy. So no sin there. It is definately not listed as the great mortal sins such as Homosexuality, drunkardness, idolatry, sodomy, fornication, lying, stealing, murder, adultery, fault finding.  So then my question is this . Didnt christ get hung up on a cross and crucified because he didnt believe in the jewish king of those times and said he was the king of jews. Didnt christ do miracles on the sabbath that was considered unholy because it was not lawfull to do works on the sabbath. Didnt Paul pursue christ because christ was a lawbreaker in his eyes. Was not Paul in fact a Roman hebrew. Is not the Pope a hebrew. Fear not you people youre not in trouble. The pope is not a messenger from heaven and many of you may be. How many times has our modern Pope had to apologize for his own words. Definately not messages from heaven right?.  Look if you arnt a citizen of rome dont believe in it. Thank him for his service to God pray for the guy and tell him to his face to just leave you alone and do his own work not meddling in youre business. Everyone has to love the guy love is the law. We have to be respectfull to elders like him. However the way I myself read the bible it always seems like Paul was the greater authority over the church. Paul having even rebuked Peter to his face for not ministering proper and living like a jew instead of converting gentiles.  Therefor if Paul could rebuke Peter to his face. I see no way there was such a great need for a Papacy. Especially since Rome is a culture not a faith. the kingdom of heaven is no such culture. The kingdom of heaven is within everyone who recieves the holy spirit. Jesus Christ is right in each person who recieved baptism. A personal savior christ really is. Our brother not just our Lord and Master. Why would Paul write he is freed from all men and yet submit himself to Peter. Werent we to imitate Paul not just Peter. What about the other apostles. Isn't christ really the rock and not Peter?.  Although in Mathew there is a scripture where Jesus tells Peter "On this rock I will build my church".  Does it really mean Peter was the rock when elsewhere it says Jesus Christ is the rock of which the church is build on. So shouldnt we believe that Jesus is the only rock. Peter denied christ 3 times and was rebuked by Paul for something else. So is that an example of a rock?. Doesn't make sense to me. I am working on a ministry I can use a lie detector and simplify the need for any great authority such as a Pope by using bylaws keeping it from becoming a left wing cult for lawmakers and liberals. I can also think of improvements that could be made world wide to orphanages and other causes. A papacy only makes those improvements harder because it ads more politics and leads toward needing others approval. So I am confident that the Papacy has a place but it isn't the Lord of Lords. Again I am no expert on church history. From what I have read I get that the Original office of Pope was Peter's office as Bishop of Rome. Inheritly the office was supposed to be in authority over all the rest of the church. Ok that resembles the office of Archbishop of the Orthodox church more than the Pope. Atleast he is a Bishop as Peter was. Who's to say Paul wouldn't have blown his doors down and kicked his butt if he was to do something Paul believed contrary to what christ taught him having been taught by the same Teacher and doing miracles in his name. Peter with office of Bishop of Rome. Paul also a citizen of Rome, but not residing in Rome because he was converting Gentiles all over the globe. So Paul just couldn't convert Gentile's if he resided in Rome and his ministry was to convert new Gentiles and alot of them probably powerfull people of wealth to convert the employers and set up decent wages for the church and so that Governments would be on the shoulders of Jesus Christ to execute his righteousness. Something to that effect. Also Roman Citizens were free back then. There was no European governments as we know it in modern times. Just look at the 3rd world. Can you imagine what it was like for early christians. With Romans being the only real free citizens. So between Paul having freedom to go everywhere and convert people and Peter residing in Rome. Wasnt Paul also a Roman and free to do without Peters Permission. Now that they are dead and the church is all over the Globe. Now that there is freedom all over the world. Is the Papacy a real protection. Sure it is over doctrine. The orthodoxy claims to be older then the Roman Papacy. Etheopean orthodoxy supposedly is the oldest. The coptic egyptian orthodoxy also is quite old. So these early established church's with an Archbishop such as Peter was Archbishop do they seem as arrogant as the Anglican do with their liberal modernization.  It could be true the orthodoxy's claim as being most like the original church. The roman's liturgy was changed by Newman and another man only so long ago way after Peters Death. Also the Orthodox claim to hold the original ark of the covenant. The Pope doesn't even have access to the Orthodox's Original Ark of the Covenant. What's that tell us?, that possibly Peter wasn't the only authority and someone else was in charge of the Ark of the covenant or what?. If someone tells you that you are sinning not already being a Roman Catholic and not believing in the Pope's infallible authority that's because they themselves have romanized their own citizenship so much so they believe he is an infallible authority. I honor that it guards over the truth of the Lords faith in some measure. I don't believe God trusted mankind a whole lot expecially any one man. Also in proverbs it tells us its not wise to trust any man it also tells in proverbs not to give any man or woman dominion over us. So its probably not wise to give to much authority to someone just out to please their own desire to have authority over us. Out of respect I suggest not falsely accusing the Pope of anything. I definately wouldnt try an opposed arrogance of actually trying to change the local Catholic Church to suit youre own fancy. Just dont believe its a mortal sin to not trust the man or believe he is a Great Power over youre faith that you should bow to.Also I wanted to ad that I believe in modern times there are many catholic around the globe who honor the Pope because of their culture. So much so that it is more of a culture the roman fellowship then just a faith in God. Not to say the protestants aren't creating their own culture but that both the Greek and Roman are a culture not just a faith. If you take the culture out of what they do in youre mind and heart. It isn't so cloudy the real purpose and place of their fellowship. We are free citizens to heaven. It's so possible for the Lord to teach us himself and guide us through life without anyone else. We could have a family communion at home saying the same prayers. We could study the bible in our homes. Protecting the doctrine wouldnt be so easy but it isnt as hard as the culture makes it either.
       The priest who baptised me was a Jesuit Priest. The Jesuits were who initiated the inquisitions of Rome pursuing Martin Luther to stop his movement. Killing and imprisoning early protestants. The Jesuits were exiled and banned from every country other than America. They were basically exiled to America after the inquisitions had all ended. There is a book titled Vatican Assasins explaining about the Jesuits. Patrick Walsh the priest who baptised me gave a sermon about how he hated culture. The culture of the papacy and greek church and protestant church cultures are what he was referring to. Such as the anglican culture even. Its all culture most of the church division is culture. Jesuits werent really honored in Rome so he probably hated people attending as though its a culture to attend not just to commune.

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Lead me not into temptation but deliver me from evil

I don't think I could really write every temptation I have had to resist in my life. Some of them are so seriously evil I couldn't describe how wrong it seemed to me. I definately credit the Lord for delivering me from how evil the world can be. As a child there was temptation right away . Some of these stories you may or may not find gruesome or to hard to read. At times my life was like a some kind of dark mystery I could only hope God would deliver me from. One of The first real evil temptations in my life was at the age of about 7 or 8 years old. A neighbor up the street invited me and another kid over for his birthday. He was kind of a mentally challenged kid. His father was a garbage man. His family always seemed a little strange to me. We were in his basement and I was digging through some of his board games trying to find one to play. He yelled across the basement for me to watch something. I ignored him and he was shouting at me. I said just a minute I am trying to find a game. I finally stopped what I was doing and looked across the room. He said you missed it. don't you want to see. I said see what. He told his little sister only 2 or 3 to do it again. She dropped her pants and he started laughing and getting excited. I said why did you ask her to do that do you think that is neat. You shouldnt think thats neat she's just a little girl. He didnt seem to understand so I just stayed calm and figured there was no helping the guy. His whole family seemed sick so I didnt tell his parents. I put it out of my mind. Then the ohter kid who was there told his parents. There was a big argument over what really happened. No one ever did tell the authorities about the family. Instead they argued about who was wrong and who was to blame amongst themselves. They figured I was bad because I didnt tell anyone about it. Then like hypocrites didnt tell the authorities either. So it probably kept going on. I luckily moved away from the neighborhood. There were other temptations even at earlier ages then the one I wrote about. The neighborhood I lived in was fairly normal at appearance. The times just very evil. The kids in the neighborhood were secretly using drugs and experimenting sexually ate ages very young. Catholic,Protistant, or of no faith they all hid thier evils in private. Theft and burglary went unreported. Assaults and harrasments were unreported. The adults always hiding who their children had become and what they actually did in private. Swearing by thier adolescence they are only children and they just didnt understand the wrong to it yet. None seemed to believe there was any real church or any real holy life it was a blaspheme of. When I started middle school the peer pressures started. The temptations were getting more abundant. I was pressured by other kids to steal. I was tempted to lie. I was tempted by several young woman to start sexually sinning. One time two young women the age of 12 walked by a group of me and my friends at night after swimming at the highschool. We were in the grandstands resting on our way home. The two girls stopped and talked to us. They were drunk. They went away momentarily can came back without any shirts on. They were half naked. They yelled out they wanted to have sex. I walked with one pleading with her to find her shirt and sober up. She refused and one of my friends walked off with her friend. Another walked off with the her. I pushed my friend off and told him she was to drunk and to young. I yelled out we are going to get in trouble for taking advantage of a drunk girl. I remember the first time I was tempted to smoke cigarettes and marijuana. I was presidential fit and went swimming at the high school often for excersize. One night a group of my friends who I had trained in cubscouts with were at the swimming pool. While waiting for our parents one of them lit up a cigarette. I did not know the child smoked. He had hid it from everyone. He asked me if I wanted to try it. I refused and he pushed it towards me saying" Come on how do you know you dont like it until you try it". The rest of the group tried it. I then gave in to temptation. They continued to find a pop can and poked holes in it. They placed a small amount of marijuana on it. I again had no idea they used marijuana or where they got the marijuana. The same process occured where the instigator pressured everyone to try it. I was the last to try it and again gave in. My friendship with my peers was weakening and I no longer knew who to trust. As my younger years progressed the temptations increased yet I was learning to resist. The worst temptation was when I was 14 and one of my neighbors came to me asking me if I wanted to go with him to kill someone for 30,000 dollars . He was going to split the money with me. I had just returned from my first hunting trip. I resisted the temptation to say the least. I moved from the area I was living. In the next city many more temptations awaited before I had reached adulthood. A ministers daughter once had invited me to go with her after a dance to the church to make out. She left the door open of the Lutheran Church that day having planned to bring a boy back from dancing. I went up to the church with her.
I had been pressured by new friends to have sex with girls. I had been approached by girls sexually. I had been pressured to use drugs. Many of the temptations I resisted others I didnt resist. Yet the more temptations the less the world became to me. By the time I was 18 the world seemed like nothing to me. I drew close to God around the age 19 and the temptations I learned to pray always to endure and resist. I grew in stength physically and spiritually. Some of the kids I knew in high school started using meth amphetamines. I was tempted a few times to use meth. I tried it and the Lord led me away from it quickly. I let a highschool friend live with me when I was 18. He was thrown out of his mothers house because he listened to Satanic Music. My mistake was not really taking it serious enough. He had never bothered anyone I knew of when I was younger. He seemed harmless enough. He was an italian catholic backslider. He knew a German kid who was leader of a small town Aryan Skin Head Movement. The Gang Leader came over to my apartment asking me if I wanted to go with him to beat up people in the city of Portland and steal their leather jackets. I declined and never saw him again. He was trying to find people to recruit thats why he came over. I had another friend who he visited often trying to get him to be involved with the gang.
Still I was tempted and provoked often. Most of my adult temptations came after the age 25. When I was 25 I was parked in front of a gas station convenience store in california in a co-workers truck. Two 12 year old young girls approached the truck. They told us they wanted to get drunk and have sex using provocative language trying to entice us. We both yelled out they are to young and told them to go away. Once when I was 23 a young 16 year old girl was making strange loud noises in her apartment bedroom facing the sidewalk. I was walking by on the sidewalk. On the way back she yelled out at me and asked me to stop. She came out explaining she was having sex with her friend. Her friend came out and was over 21 himself. Her mother actually was in the apartment. As I was leaving she followed me up the street abit and asked me to go on a date with her. I resisted and never did return. Once I was on an indian reservation near Bellingham Washington. I lost my I.D. card and couldnt rent a room or cash checks. A retired Green Beret vietnam vet american indian told me I could live on his land on the reservation until my I.D. came. I lived in a tent on Lummi Island. One of the indians began explaining how I could sell marjuana for money. He told me he grew an 80,000 dollar crop one year. I started work in security after getting my P.I. diploma. I was offered money to help a guy fight other men who offended him. I was approached for sex by woman on the job sites. When I was around 30 I had started using the internet for the first time. I was naive at first and checked out the personals. Then I started getting emails from woman wanting to have affairs. Some would send me nude pictures and tell me they wanted me to be a partner for their bisexual threesomes. I stopped the personal ads experience. Being niave doesnt make you innocent even on the internet. Internet temptations arise just about everyday even doing this blogging. When I went into the army at age 31 I was tempted while training. During basic training I heard a group of privates cursing and they cursed so often I remarked about it. When I told them they would do more well to not use curse words as much as they do. They began to circle my bunk and curse me for long periods until almost in a rage provoked I ended up cursing back. They did this several times through training. Because of the seriousness of training for combat and the mental fatigue It really caused me to curse more than I had ever before. I went to the catholic chaplain and told him about it. That helped but it took me months after discharge before I could return to a normal vocabulary without cursing. A few times here or there I was tempted by young private woman wanting to have sexual affairs. I was tempted to go awall. Then ofcourse there was the actual name of the training company and platoon I was in. The company was called the Delta Death Dealers and the Platoon was the Outlaw platoon. So we chanted chants about being Outlaw Deathdealers. One of the chants was yelling out"Cowboys from Hell Baby!!". If I didnt sound off with the rest of the platoon or company I would of been breaking the law at the time. When I got out of the army I went to Hollywood. In Hollywood I was tempted daily and nightly. Each day I was offered marijuana. There was loose and promiscious woman all around by the thousands. Most dressed in a different manner than you would see in other cities. I met a man who said he was a producer. This man was a cicilian jewish man. He told me he knew I was going to make him rich . He told me he was going to get me my own show. Each day he would come over and visit me. He said he helped MaDonna get started before she met shawn Pen. In her early career. According to him she lived with him in his mansion in Beverly Hills. He showed me a video of him recieving the family film award. Then showed me a reporter magazine with his name as co-producer to a horror movie. Also he showed me a documentary film he had made about the Mafia family who built Los Vegas. He had a poster with him and Sylvester Stallone. He came over and had a porn magazine in his pocket one day. He then wanted to view a porn on my dvd player. I explained I am catholic and didnt watch porn. He told me he believed in Jesus and his family was jewish so he had to be secretive because his investors were also jewish . He told me he would like to be baptised . We discussed him secretly being baptised in the same catholic parish I was baptised. However I started to learn how he would do business. He was a con man. It started to make me suspicious about him possibly being cicilian mafia. He was often on the phone talking in cicilian . He wrote bad checks to people all over town. I suspected him really hiding he was doing bankruptcy fraud and hiding out in the cheap hotel we met in. He asked me to help him forge a check once and thats all it took to part my ways. Not long after that I met a Grammy Judge out on Hollywood Blvd near the Hotel I was living. His condo was across from the Hotel. We were discussing the cost of renting in L.A. . He told me about his condo and asked me if I wanted to see inside. There was alot of gays in Hollywood and I was fresh out of the army so it all was strange to adapt to. I mentioned I was straight and just wanted to let him no in case he got the wrong idea. He told me not to worry he's a proffesional and its nothing like that. He just wanted to show me his condo if I wanted to see how they look inside. I went inside he showed me his keyboards and mini grand piano and told me his story how he became a grammy judge. He had a masters degree in music and toured playing piano since he was child according to him. He offered me a drink of hard alcohol I accepted. We talked for awhile as the night progressed abit he had asked me if I wanted a part in a movie he was making with Shawn Cassidy. I declined. Before I had left he did what I suspected might be his motive before I went inside. He asked me if he could give me oral sex. I stayed calm and told him I was straight really. He told me if I was only into woman I could pretend he was a woman. I stayed calm and he apologized. So temptations were getting worse and worse. I had been pressured to use marijuana more than any other drug. I moved from Hollywood to Portland Oregon. In portland there was so many strip clubs. I was often tempted to goto strip clubs by coworkers and neighors. I had been inside a few times. Each day I was tempted by crack dealers and marijuana dealers. On sales jobs I was tempted to lie and swindle. Some of the sales coworkers were worse than teens about peer pressure to sexually sin and use drugs and alcohol. I was once tempted by an ex pimp drug dealer. He asked me if I wanted to start a business throwing executive dinner parties with stripper escorts as dates for the parties. He told me how to market the business and the processes involved. His cousin worked for the business journal and that was the main marketing method. So I have been tempted galore and pray so much for God to deliver me. I resisted more than I could of imagined . I didnt live sinless but I have endured so far. I am working on some serious things and need to use a polygraph for some of the projects. I hope and pray my polygraph test comes as true as I need it to. My reason for writing this blog is to share the kind of real temptations out there. I couldnt write all the temptations out nor begin to explain how I was able to resist and endure in my own words. Atleast not on a blog. I know now why it tells us in Gods word to pray the Lords prayer.

Our Father who art in Heaven       
Hallowed be thy name                                                               
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done
On earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread
Forgive our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespass against us
Lead us not into temptation!!!
But deliver us from evil!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

On the Shoulders of Christ

In the book of Isaiah it tells us the government is on the shoulders of our Lord Jesus Christ. We know that the Lion of the tribe of Judah is Jesus Christ. Who is christ as the Lord of Lords. It is easy to understand how he is King of Kings. The many lords of this earth are who make the principalities so dark. Cromwell was Lord Protector of England. He declined office of king stating he was only serving God (the Lord Most High). It is alot of work and research to find out all the details to the establishment of governments. However the scriptures tell us the government is on christs shoulder. In the same book of Isaiah it tells of how the rulers mislead people and cause them to err. So how does the Lord of Lords rule these rulers. Does he raise up men who lash out like Cromwell and strike them down?. Does he raise up prophets like the book of Judges and Macabees. How is the government on christs shoulders if the politicians are corrupt and its public?. We know that the inquisitions reaped terror on many governments and unbelieving people. Because of the authority of christ I myself do not resent or try to make evil out of the inquisition. However I am sure it was by no means the Lords perfect will or executed in that manner. The knights of the Black Tower of Germany were christian or catholic men who were Lords in charge of religious warring. They established the monarchy of Windsor along with german principalities. The Roman Catholic Church had many Bishops who Like St. Gregory and others who helped establish european govenments. In russia also there was an orthodoxy and roman catholic established government. In China when Marco Polo visited China he was told by the secret officers there that they were christian or catholic secretly. The illusion of evil having power and authority over us is the publicans blind following of rich politicians who lord their power over the public. In Democratic Republics we need not to look to the polls for proof of christs reign because God is not accepting ballots. Two men with the last name of Marshall were american examples. One is Peter Marshall who established the chaplain office in the House of the Senate. The other is George C. Marshall who was author of the Marshall plan to extend billions to the reconstruction of europe after world war II.
It tells us in Gods word that do to contraditions nation will rise and fall. How many nations have risen and fallen before our eyes in modern times and throughout history. It is mysterious how powerfull our Lord is. What is a Lord? The feudal system of europe gave title of Lord to someone who collected rents or had office as authority over lands and tenants sharing the prophets of those lands. The word Lord can be traced back to a germanic tribal chieftain who would make sure people are fed. That is similar to the Lord telling Peter to feed his sheep. Although I am sure the Lord meant spiritual food when speaking to Peter. In modern times the office of the Pope would be similar to Peter's. In England there is still a House of Lords. In the United States our House of Senate and Congress is like the House of Lords . However The words of Thomas Jefferson in his farmbook that he stated the closest thing to noble title in america is being a manufacturer. He noted that his place as a nail manufacturer was much more of a noble title to him then any of his political works or Farming. Many of the early american powers actually were Freemason who I doubt had the Lord Gods work on their agenda. Can't God without lifting a finger remove power from any of the perverted and corrupt powers?. How about Nebachenezzer?. Isn't God able to do beyond our own understanding?. It is the illusions of modern times that we must pray about. We must pray to keep the government on the shoulders of Christ. However I think just following christ and working with diligence and faith as unto the Lord our God will lead us to safer pastures. Being on the shoulders of christ doesnt mean that the Government is the Head. It means our existing Government is resting on the shoulders of the same body of christ. So would that mean the church being christs body is the shoulder which the government rests?.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah

So now that I have shared my views about Oliver Cromwell. What has it lead anyone to reason?. I am excited that I have come this far in the Lord that my own understanding is growing. It is more evident to me that where the Lord has lead me is to understand who he is as"The Lion of the Tribe of Judah".
Isaiah is a wonderfull prophet who's words foretell of the failure of the world. Also how God is to reckon with the world. The words of King David are the vivid musical words of David that draw a picture of the Lords ways in a beautiful array of prophecy. His words are majestic. He is the King of the tribe of Judah who gave us the words to understand the
Lords majesty and magnificent reign over the righteous and the wicked. How faith rules the universe and how all creation must bow to our God.

Who is Judah in modern times?. Where is Judah in modern times?. It is written that the gentiles will condemn even israel for not having faith. How many faithfull men in history had served the Lord to set the governments upon the shoulders of christ?. To crown christ as king and bow before the living God. How many after they had trampled the works of the righteous to pervade and corrupt the justice bestowed?. Each servant of the Lord who did works to honor our God had done only what they were called to do.
How do we serve the Lord who is the King of Kings and Lion of the tribe of Judah?. As the lion, he reigns over all the tribes of isreal and all the kings of israel. As king of kings he rules over all the universe and all mankind. As prince of peace he is high priest forever and reigns over the bishops and deacons. He is the master of our doctrine and of our spirit. His hands are holy and wield a greater weapon. The words of our Lord are powerfull not just as reason but they are a weapon against the father of lies. The words of God are like a command from heaven they are promises that God will grant us eternal life. They are instructions that guide us to victory. Even to victory in war and peace.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Image of Oliver Cromwell

The image of our Modern America is much different then probably was originally thought out by the early Freemason Washington. However It isnt the Puritan vision of early settlers who werent freemason either. In modern times our American image is somewhat spineless and corrupt. I write spineless because the backbone of our country was its realistate. In modern times its like having a broken back or spineless economy with our current down market. However we reap what we sow and the realistate backbone that we had was not strengthened by strong ethics and morals. Another example of our spineless economy is the image of our markets. For example the entertainment industry. Pornography is the number one choice of entertainment in America. I worked for close to 5 years in sales. During my 5 years I met numerous sales people and worked on several sales jobs and was well aware of what other sales people were working on. The ethics and morals in sales and marketing is beyond the normal evil. The mindset of the average sales person is so self right ethically and morally there is no reality to their work. The image they create for each business is much like a wolf in sheeps clothing. The internet employs millions of people. How often are we spamed in our emails. How often is our identity bought and sold by corporations and internet market scam artists. Organized crime has been sky rocketing since the internet markets became so popular. Illegal Drug sales is very common amongst american public to increase their own financial status. The image of america is spineless and corrupt. So what about those of us who have faith in our creator. What about those of us who work not as corrupt drones conformed to the image of modern principalities?. There is darkness and there is light. The image of our creator is not mocked. The nations reap what they sow. America is reaping what it sowed now and it could get worse for those who conform to its image.

Oliver Cromwell's image was one of a greater example then George Washington. Why? is because he did not create an image for his nation to exalt it before the Lords image. He used no certain form of government to establish any set way of life.
He changed the government around and used an authoritarian form of government mostly. However it tells us in Gods word not to stray to the left or to the right.
Cromwell had declined the title of King and stated he was only the Lords servant. He gave his glory to the Lord God. He bowed down to God and didnt set up a throne where people would bow down before him or anyone after him. He had conquered the thrones that he viewed an offense against the Lord and his image. Unlike america's modern image. Cromwell was a fairly lowly person. He was a bottom level land owner who collected rents from a few tenants. He had 8 children and for the most part only had enough to support his family. He owned a farm and earned profits from farming. Very much different from the image of american realistate with all the get rich quick realistate guru's and Donald Trump. Even different from the modern Pope with his lavish vatican . How much Gold treasure and lavish luxury is really Lorded by the vatican. The vatican built from charity which isnt as spineless. However isnt it less of an example of the Lords image. Did christ come for the poor or not?. Wasnt it riches in heaven not earth he came to make us heirs to. How about Walt Disney the fantasy land realistate hero who created wealth out of thin air by creating amusement. This lavish image of fantasy and luxury has no spine. Cromwells image was very real and wasnt about the world. He took on the whole world just by taking on his whole nation. The words of Isaiah explain much of what the nation England may of been like in Cromwells time. In fact Isaiah describes much of modern times. So where is our Cromwell in modern times. Where is our Isaiah. Christ came and conquered the power of evil. The image of christ is beyond all images. How can we like Cromwell fight to the end not straying to the left or to the right?. Our modern democracy is extremely to the left currently and was extremely to the right before that. So how to we disown the state that upholds our rights. There is answers in the word of God to most of our worries. Psalms explains government pretty well and Isaiah much more. So to ensure we are following the Lord and his will we need to have faith. Isaiah served the Lord by Faith. David served the Lord by faith both lived in times where there was corruption and evil people with power. Cromwell did as David and Isaiah and he was not considered by all people to be righteous. How much more unrighteous is anyone who conforms to the modern image of any nation especially America. Instead we should conform to the image of God which is by remaining faithfull to the end and not straying to the left or to the right.

Cromwells Example

I am astonished I never gave much thought to who Oliver Cromwell was until recently. I read a few things about him in my early 20's and just had so much else to think about It didnt dawn on me his importance. I dont believe it is so important to know everything about him. However it is important to understand that he is proof that Freemasonry is uneeded . To me, Cromwell having done without using freemasonry what the freemasons tried to imitate here in America. That is example to me that there was no need of Freemasonry. Freemasonry definately did know that they could accomplish what they did because Cromwell had done so. However it also exposes to me that possibly our Democracy is not from such a divine wisdom. Our many problems throughout history makes me believe there is definately a way to clear up many problems. Its proof that there is gliches in our system and the way our Government is formed. Cromwell is proof to me that modern tyranny itself can be conquered. However I dont believe in Modern Times our fight is against catholicism. On the contrary I think our fight is against Freemasonry and Organized Crime. We need to conquer those corridors and to do that we have to understand Isaiah and Psalms. We also need to understand why secret society is so dangerous and uneeded. If a man can come to power as Cromwell without freemasonry then there is no need of Freemasonry for any man to succeed at anything. What Cromwell accomplished was done in such a manner that its almost like a farmer in modern day rising up to take on the mafia and killing all the Mob bosses along with the most elect who are involved. Not that assasinations are how to accomplish that in our times but definately Cromwell wouldnt of let the institute tell him otherwise if thats how he was going to stop it. Becoming a criminal to stop criminals isnt our answer. Corrupt are our lawmakers. So even non violent measures that expose they are corrupt would be unlawfull in their eyes. Unfortunately they have office of power over law. That is why I believe the wisdom is in isaiah and psalms also in the gospels to our victory and our Power over the evil of modern tyranny and modern corruption. It is in our gospels that the gospel of Jesus Christ is much more important then the purpose of the law. There is so much of a higher call and grace to the gospel then there is to law. The gospel is where the victory is. Our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the reign of soveriegn authority that is through his covenant with the unspotted church. The Church that is his body and pardoned not by grace of law but by the saving grace of Jesus Christ high priest forever. We are baptised into the same life that Isaiah and King David live. Our communion is with they and all the saints and prophets who came before the apostles along with all the saints of Gods church. The mystical power of the bloods atonement. Christ dissolved the power of evil over us. Our work is to expose the truth and to fight the good fight not the religious hypocrite one the jews and islam fight. Not the fight of law but the fight of the gospel. The truth of christs sovereign grace . Then we should pray for the secrets of heaven to be revealed to us in an unspotted manner. So that our secrets do not resemble the secrets of secret society. That our authority over the devil and his evil is in the blood of christ not in the temples of freemasonry. Christs atonement was the destruction of a temple not made by human hands and its resurrection and ascension to higher throne. Therefor our hearts need to be unspotted as temples of Gods love. Our hearts need to be full of his righteousness not the righteousness of law, but a higher grace that is uncorruptable.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cromwell's Glory

It's been keeping me up at night trying to understand what Cromwell was really doing. His real motives and his true objective. I think I am beginning to understand what was happening. I am not a history major nor college educated about history. However I have read well over 1000 books in my adulthood and reason in the spirit. I understand that Puritans were not born into catholic families. They had not the same fellowship Catholic's had. They read the same bible and believed in the same Jesus Christ. The Lords real purpose of dying on the cross was so all mankind could know salvation. His true unstained image wasnt the image of the institute of the catholic faith. That was manmade. His image is the true mark the high priest forever. King of Kings and Lord of Lords. His temple was not made by human hands. The catholic church was. So the puritans were just as welcome to the Lord in fact everyone on earth at the time. God calls people in the spirit and baptises them in the spirit. I honestly believe the Catholic Church is the traditional church originally established as an institute. However each year catholics die and each year new borns are born who God also gives rights and salvation to. These children arnt born into catholic families and dont need a catholic baptism necessarily to get to heaven. To most catholics in those times the puritans were the world and I believe they may of been offensive toward puritans. Puritans had no need of their communion services and church buildings they had their own. Most by the time Cromwell had started his work were born in no time when there was no division. They werent even who started the division. Gods ways are higher than mans. It wasnt because catholics are catholics that he didnt want a division it was because of he. If at all like modern times. Many catholics didnt even believe in the Lord or even believing still lived as sinners. Which made them guilty of christs murder. However the Holy Priesthood was not as much a target I believe. Cromwell's target was the corruption and tyranny of the powers of his time. I think because catholic followed a traditional fellowship they were loyal to the powers that were who Cromwell contested. His fight was to abolish tyranny with or without the catholics. So not being a catholic and seeing them loyal to the powers that oppressed. He made his fight against them because they aided and supported the higher powers his fight was to dethrone. He had no need of the catholic institute if it was to side with the oppressors and accuse he or puritans of not being Gods church. The puritans were actually oppressed by the catholics in those times. Yet they were not born into catholic families and more than likely considered offensive of catholics. I see it similar to trying to get in the way of NSA or the CIA or Secret Service. What he was working on was a power that had not to do with the clergy. So if anyone stood against him he may of considered it against more than just himself but a cause that was to fight tyranny and oppression. I almost see it as though the catholics being the church stayed loyal to the oppressors they were subject to thus becoming more of the world then Cromwell who was ready to dethrone the whole world at least in the nation he lived in. Thus making him less of the world than the catholics at the time who couldnt leave the world and believed in traditional values of loyalty their reigning king. Even if the king and his courts were corrupt or oppressing the poor.