Wednesday, October 14, 2009

spiritual gifts

Below is a link to a spiritual gift test.

I dont know the accuracy of the test but it seems a resonable way to find out what gifts you possibly have. You may have spiritual gifts you dont know you have because you havnt been desiring them.
We all have special gifts some greater measure than others. Its good to desire spiritual gifts. They are our way to glorify the Lord and accomplish his work.

In my younger years age 19 to 21 I fellowshiped with evangelicals who believe in teaching about the spiritual gifts. I now believe it is very important for us to understand the gifts of the Holy spirit. Although I am catholic and dont have any real ties to the evangels. I do agree about the importance of the spiritual gifts. I love the gifts I posses. I desire more each day to have more faith and more gifts. I would love to do miracles the way the old saints did and the apostles. Often in my younger 20's I would be in the spirit and The Lord would put in my heart the King David. It would seem as though his kingdom still existed to me. As though God was training me to be as one of the israelites in the bible. Then other days I would be in the spirit and The apostle paul would almost seem to be with me. Just like Christ was teaching me to be as his apostle in the spirit. Other times I would be studying and for days It would seem like I was learning wisdom with Solomon. Its neat how the holy spirit teaches us to be children of God. I desire prophecy I think more than most gifts. Wisdom is high on my list. However there is not one gift I dont desire. I want to be all I can be in the Lord. I would love to do miracles like open and close the heavens and meet angels and tear down the enemies strong holds. Doing all things through christ who strengthens me. Can you think of miracles you would like to perform to glorify the Lord?. The whole bible is about the gift of life from God. Each of the great patriarchs were given spiritual gifts from God. They used those gifts to serve the Lord and fight the good fight of faith for the kingdom of heaven. We all can excersize spiritual gifts .

If you meditate and deeply desire the gifts . picture in youre meditation coming to the Lord and asking him for the gifts. meditate deeply about each gift and what it is to have the gift and what the gift accomplishes for the Glory of the Lord and the good of the church and how does it serve Jesus Christ. Seek out how to learn to use the gifts and the wisdom you need . meditate deeply about the ways of God and his loving kindess . Ask the Lord for the gifts you desire and believe he will answer youre prayers.

I love to pray in toungues and have for many years. Its miraculous how the Lord lifts my spirits and teaches my heart and mind spiritual knowledge. I also let the lord speak to me in prayer and meditation. he will at times empower my words and lift my heart way high above the world. I don't like to speak in toungues so that others will hear. I never felt comfortable around that or seemed to desire to take part. However I love to pray in toungues in private. Not to prove my faith to people but to excersize the spirit similar to excersizing my body . Excersizing the spirit is more important to having a good life that has value . We should all excersize the spirit so that our hearts are clean and just and our spiriutal health is strong and ready for battle with our spiritual enemy. The lord teaches me many things in the spirit about his kingdom and his work. Prophecy is a big gift but they all glorify the Lord. I am sure the miracles of the bible you have read if you have read the bible. We can do much greater things than we can imagine if we really desire the gifts of the holy spirit.

these are the scriptures pertaining to spiritual gifts

Gift Lists

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1 Corinthians 12: 8-11
1 Corinthians 12: 28-31
Ephesians 4: 11-12
We Are Given Gifts

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The Body of Christ

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The Goodness of Creation

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Weaknesses as Gifts

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Call and Vocation

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Reluctance to Accept Call

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Desires and Dreams as Gifts

Joel 2: 28
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John 1: 38

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