Saturday, October 17, 2009

Something interesting about Enoch

I was just thinking about one of my blogs where I wrote about mother mary having been crucified with christ and the beginning or end to his Love. Although he was born in her womb. Adam was before Mary is not she from Adam's seed born of the womb of Eve. As is all of humanity. Humanity had that much to do with the Lord wether they believe or not. Adam himself having walked with God in the Garden of Eden. Then to make it a double Enoch who was grandfather of Noah also walked with God lived with the Lord in the heavens. All humanity is the decendant of Enoch what a great heritage all mankind has. Not many people speak of Enoch yet he is the grandfather of noah and it is written he walked with God and was taken up into the heavens like someone being taken by a space ship we see on movies. So each person on earth even the lost souls had that much to do with God that they are Adam and Enoch's decendants. I think that is how important that we share our faith with unbelievers in some unoffensive manner to tell them their God Loves them and doesnt wish for them to parish because of their unbelief of who they really are. Satan has wanted to be king over all humans since Adam was on earth. It is the devil people are taught the lies and dark things keeping their hearts from salvation. Our God is just. I find it interesting that their is some Holy relation other than just Adam but actually Enoch and Noah. Both having great faith in our Lord. Enoch having prophesied against the children of the Devil who were unholy. The giants and sorcerous people . The monsters who I believe where the dinosaurs. I believe the dinosaurs where actually those monsters spoke of in the dead sea scrolls in the book of giants and in the book of enoch where it speaks of satan and his angels having breed with the animals and humans. The race of humans satan breeded where destroyed by the Lord. They were satans opspring he wanted to rule over humans and make life hard for us. Yet even our birth as Enoch's decendants all of us. We must be crucified with christ to actually be heirs to heaven. To be Enoch's family we have to be born again in the spirit. So although we are his decendants in the flesh God will not know us as he did Enoch until we are born in the spirit. It is christ we have life. All things were created through him. So that is how christ is the first and the last. We must belong to Christ . Enochs righteousness was only because of the Lord God and it was only the Son even then that Enoch could know the father because All things were created through the son.

Darwinism believing we came from ape like people that evolved is a blaspheme of our own heritage to Adam , Noah , and Enoch. Those creatures who were on earth such as the dinosaurs and other monsters and giants were absolutely destroyed . Along with humans who were Adams decent. Even all humanity exists today because of the Faith of Noah and Enoch. If they were not faithfull to the Lord they would of been destroyed along with all creatures. God had a plan even before Adam. He knew that the devil would seduce the seed of Adam away from the truth and from the righteousness of his Love. The love of this world is all that was in the hearts of those destroyed in the times of Noah during the great flood. Darwinism contends with the divine stature of our innersanctity. The realms of the Holy Priesthood established forever. It contends with the very roots of our faith. It is a serious evil. Heresy and heretics who profess office as masters of the knowledge of our existance lord their own office by using heresy. In fact they have no faith in God those who teach darwinism. They are like those who were destroyed during the flood . They had a divine existance because of Adam yet were without faith and Adam himself had to have faith or would of been cast into utter darkness as even the angels of darkness were light but not the Lord of the light itself. God is truly the light we can only be vessels of his light. Darkness is a void having nothing to do with life. Do the plants need darkness to grow. Do we need darkness to live. Isnt the darkness only an essence of the Lords balance to nature where as even in Darkness there is the moon and stars the Lord rules by. What we do in the darkness isnt it known to God . So is the deeds of those in the darkness. They shall all be punished.

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