Saturday, October 10, 2009

a short story about mankinds existance and the Lord

Adam and Eve in the wonders of Eden. The Garden which The Lord created for the first man and woman to dwell in. That is the beginning of the lineage of our existance. Let aside the scientific arguments about evolution.

Mankind kept doing strange things that got so freaky and wrong they would forget there is a God so The Lord kept changing how people have to live. Many times throughout the years The Lord tore down the things mankind built. Because of Money and the lusts of the flesh . Mankind would instead of building altars to the lord build idols to worship that had to do with their own imaginations of lust and power. God set aside a few people because they still believed in Him and said you be my people then . People were scattered abroad who didnt believe. Because They wouldnt be the kind of people God wanted them to be . He changed people into many different kinds . After a while things kept changing around for mankind but God never changed. Eventually The fellowship he had with people he set aside to be his people had to become a different fellowship so that he could redeem all the people who had been cast out and their descendants. He had to come in the form of man to redeem us himself. Because he created us as temples for his glory. Since we fell short of his glory . He had to undo the wrongs of our existance by making atonement for our sin himself to himself. He did that and then commissioned his people to take his words of the redemption to all those who were cast out of his kingdom and could not fellowship because again he made a way for everyone to become in the same family as Elisha and John the Baptist , David, and our father Abraham.

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