Thursday, October 15, 2009

seeking the prayers of saints and angels

I honor the catholic church wether orthodox or any other catholic institute. The Roman Church I believe is as a modern evil or heresy of some measure do to the vows taking away the apostles freedom. However the whole catholic church even with its beautiful folk music and sane rituals do believe that Mother mary and the saints do pray for us to the Father. This scripture tells us that christ alone is the mediator "Christ is the one and only mediator.....who stands in need of no other to recommend his petitions to the Father." It does say its not against our seeking the prayers and intercession, as well of the faithful upon earth, as of the saints and angels in heaven. So there is no real need for intercession but we can seek it. Yet the actual worship of Mother Mary and believing upon her own place more divine then any other human. She herself was not concieved in the spirit and was only a daughter of eve. So her own image was yet crucified with christ and her holiness only the projection of his Glory. Her Love was only a portion of christs love and not the beginning or end to his faithfullness and Love. Mary is definately the Mother of Jesus but her place is not as mediator or really to be worshiped as the though God became a woman didnt he become a man concieved in the womb of mary by power of the holy spirit. Was it not Adam who was first before mary do we honor Adam as much as Mary. Yet christ before Adam not after really. Also this scripture tells us that the modern heresy of woman preachers is not Holy or The apostles instruction. It is not christs teachings or Divine will of God any woman preaches or becomes a Bishop or Deacon. It is heresy and really unholy. If we were to honor Mary because of her place as Mother wouldnt we need to honor her Mother and all the mothers before her for they did raise mary and all her mothers and gave birth to Mary. If not then I guess none of our parents are why we are called or chosen but our Faith as well. So was it mary christ was called . It was Christ. He wasnt Holy because of Mary Mary was Holy because of he. He was Holy because of the Father So isnt the Father most of all who to honor.

Much of the complaints of protistant evangels is that the catholic church worships mary and the saints. It does say that even paul sought the prayers of saints and the faithfull. Also that it is ok to seek the prayers of Mary , the saints in heaven and the angels. That is what most of the catholic devotion concerning saints is regarding. Believing in the communion of the saints. However the actual worship of Mary's throne is something to watch out for. Worshipping even Jesus is not holy . He himself was and is only who performs the wiill of the Father . The express image of the father it was the Lords instruction to worship the Father. It was Jesus who entered the holy of holies so that we could worship the father remembering this is right!!. Again my words are my own opinion but I am confident my opinion is true to the Lord enough that I would understand his gospel and its mysteries as well as the many who claim to. There is something however I do not agree with about the honor of saints and that is seeking the honor of the saints. Seeking their honor by using their names as the names of the catholic parishes or protistant cathedral. Even believing that any Pope or orthodox archbishop is more of a saint than any who's faith endured who had not a high office. Though their office high in theological order and estate not so high in the inertessions of our fight each day which is a spiritual war that not many Popes have had the Glory of leading us to great victories. Though Bishops have served us in true marks that resemble Greatness. Has many popes really brought the church much honor?. Dont we rely each day in our lives on the honor of the True God alone and the Power of the Holy Spirit to deliver us from evil?. Who would listen to us if we spoke in the name of the Pope?. Couldnt all just not honor his place, or simply meet in their houses not following the Pope but following the True savior and only real authority of our faith?. Chan Nee of China started 200 or more church congregations by renting houses and apartments in an untraditional manner. The guidance of the Pope empowered by institute is ceremonial and traditional but our Faith is a real fight and his Power is charity that has an office only because of tradition not necessarily because of faith. Were any of the Popes prophets?. Is their charity so great that it blesses us all?. Bill Gates had resource of his own work that created charity of abundance but even his did not bless us all or his faith. So how the Pope in the order of his theological works and traditional charity?. How then his place higher than us all if The Popes charity or theological works dont bless us ?. I honestly have been not directly blessed or served by the Pope to my knowledge. How am I to consider him the greatest?. In fact the many blessings in my life that were do to the church was do to individuals who out of kindness had assisted me in time of trouble or shared a kind word of encouragement. Though none have seemed to have any great faith that their prayers instantly delivered me from my troubles. Several have shared that they to believe in christ and have some kind of hope in the same faith.

1 Timothy 2

I desire therefore, first of all, that supplications, prayers, intercessions and thanksgivings be made for all men: 2 For kings and for all that are in high station: that we may lead a quiet and a peaceable life in all piety and chastity. 3 For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour, 4 Who will have all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. 5 For there is one God: and one mediator of God and men, the man Christ Jesus: One mediator... Christ is the one and only mediator of redemption, who gave himself, as the apostle writes in the following verse. 6 Who gave himself a redemption for all, a testimony in due times, A redemption for all... He is also the only mediator, who stands in need of no other to recommend his petitions to the Father.  7 Whereunto I am appointed a preacher and an apostle (I say the truth, I lie not), a doctor of the Gentiles in faith and truth. 8 I will therefore that men pray in every place, lifting up pure hands, without anger and contention. 9 In like manner, women also in decent apparel: adorning themselves with modesty and sobriety, not with plaited hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly attire: 10 But, as it becometh women professing godliness, with good works. 11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. 12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to use authority over the man: but to be in silence. 13 For Adam was first formed; then Eve. 14 And Adam was not seduced; but the woman, being seduced, was in the transgression. 15 Yet she shall be saved through child bearing; if she continue in faith and love and sanctification with sobriety.

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