Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sacraments of the Orthodoxy and Catholic Church

The orthodoxy and catholic church are similar in that they believe in the Sacraments.
Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Penance and Reconciliation, Anointing of the sick, Holy Orders, Matrimony. These Sacraments are rituals that are performed by Bishops or Priests ordained by the orhdox or catholic church. This is why there is a difference between the formal church and the protistant movements. The formal or traditional church holds to these sacrament rituals as methodology of ministry. The informal church is without a traditional method. The Echarist and Reconciliation are performed every week sometimes everymorning Eucharist ceremony's are performed. These are services not rendered by the prostitants. They do not believe in any formal method of confession. They do not honor confessions the same way the traditional church does.
True that it is the Lord Jesus Christ who has to really perform the sacrament and is High Priest who officiates the Sacrament. All these sacraments have to do with life in the spirit. Unless someone has faith to believe in Jesus Christ as the High Priest it does nothing for them to attend these services or perform the ceremony. The Life of Jesus Christ is much greater than just sacrament . Paul wrote in his gospels that he was called not to baptise but to further the gospel. The sacraments are really not all the work of the Lord is about. The Holy spirit has much more to teach us then just about sacrament. However these ceremonies are more rightly observed by the traditional than the protistant and are really how we commune remembering the Lords covenant with us and the work of the cross. The Lord is Most High and his ways are not ours to ordain and minister. We can only really fellowship if we believe. There is alot to the sacraments that resemble hebrew religion or jewish religion. We cant really be like the jews in our faith. Jesus Christ was rejected by the Jews because they believe their ceremony and laws were all salvation was about . It isnt about the rituals its about faith in Jesus Christ who they rejected. However its also not a cheap greedy boring call such as protistants often observe in their sunday service. There are many protistant divisions and some are disgustingly loud and just musicians entertaining people. The preachers go on and on about something they were taught in college and then ofcourse they ask for the money. There is no doubt to me that there is wrong to the traditional church but not as much wrong to me as most protistant organizations

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