Thursday, October 15, 2009


Prophecy is not very well explained by many people. Its generally an intimidating subject . Why is there such high expectations when it comes to explaining prophecy?. Well people expect you to prophecy about it. Here's my insight to prophecy and few words of advice and some story's I have to share.
I believed in Jesus Christ my whole life. I by no means performed miracles as a child or prophesied. However I was in the spirit as a child and don't remember anytime I had not believed in Jesus. As soon as I could say Jesus I believed. It was like learning what the sky is or the grass. There was no formal church teachings in my childhood. I went to catholic communion with a neighbor and communed but my parents werent catholic. I often went with neighbors to a nazarene church, also to a Church of God. I had a color crayon book about Jesus's life . I remember that was my main teaching about Jesus other than the movies about his life and about moses on t.v. . However the subject of Jesus was very serious to me. I prayed in the spirit as the spirit taught me. I didnt learn from others about it. Since I believed so young the spirit just taught me . Prophesying wasnt happening for me.
I did very well in school. I was on honor roll. I was presidential fit, class council member for 3 years, dance committee, dance dj, school photographer, cubscouts and boyscouts, played several sports, played saxophone. I hadnt real bible study discipline until I was 19. I went through a ministry at age 19. The closest thing to prophecy up until then was playing electric keyboards and guitar.
When I was 19 I went into a ministry and studied the bible everyday for a year. I read the proverbs every morning. I was learning about prophecy. I started right away practicing my prophecy skills and going through the motions of learning to understand the Lord's ways and how the prophets served the Lord. I would recite Davids Psalms. If you desire the gift of prophecy I believe these excersizes will help you understand what prophecy is and why the Lord uses prophecy. Recite the Psalms of David, Read the proverbs every morning and for each calendar day read the proverb chapter coinciding with that day of the month. Write down what in youre life the proverb applies at the time you read it. Also I would pray about similar things the prophets prophesied against in the bible and revealed about the hypocrites and the nations. Think of similar things right in youre own community and life you could pray about that are similar to those matters in the books of the prophets. These are spiritual excersizes that will gain you understanding of the Lords work for prophets and get you closer to God at the same time. I read about over 1200 books from the time I was 22 to 37 . I am still reading. After reading solomon's wisdom I stepped on the gas so to speak and really took it serious that the Lords word says to get knowledge, understanding , and wisdom. I would ask God for wisdom and to help me understand anything I desired to know. The spirit lead me to the understanding of anything I was really in my heart wanting to understand. I had to get the knowledge but God helped me to get it. There is alot to know .
Jesus Christ turned the tables on the prophesying. Jesus makes it possible for anyone who desire to prophesy to prophesy. Just ask and he will answer. Nock and it will be opened to you. Seek Jesus and you will find him. The Apostle Paul I believe is the best example of a prophet in modern times. His work was the prophecy of what we as christians should be working on. Prophecy I believe is words from heaven that teach us and unbelievers that we are citizens of heaven not just citizens of the nations. They are words from heaven that tell us about our rights as citizens of heaven, our stature, our freedom, our Place with Jesus. Martin Luther King I believe was a very good example of a prophet. Even in the midst of darkness and uncertain moral justification. He shined a light and fought faithfully as Paul the apostle did for the rights of people who believe. Did all the people he fought for believe? maybe not until he did fight for those rights. I believe there are many prophets in each nation. Not a few but several or many. We don't recognize them as prophets. Does all of Gods work have to do with religion. Didnt Paul teach about the rights of an apostle to explain to all who would believe not just those who knew Jesus christ. So didnt he have to let Jesus speak through him because how would Paul have any better witness than his own stature. He gave up his day job as an officer. He had to give it up. Didnt he get a better job with greater stature he actually became one of the original builders of the church. I believe God gave him hard work to do because he had knowledge and might and wisdom about freedom and rights. I believe the freedom that comes from heaven we need to know about not the freedom that comes from law. Didnt the faith of people who believe and the works of prophets bring about freedom anywhere. I think that God has work for all of us to do as prophets if we desire to . He can sure share the truth about his kingdom if we could all prophesy about it right.
I met a man at a restaurant once he was a writer. He told me he wrote 5 books. He said he was from a wealthy family. He told me he despised the way his family was. His family according to him did not care about each other except for the wealth. They did not share love except the love for the wealth, according to him. He said he did very well in school and played all the sports he could. He told me he liked to liken himself after Jonah the prophet. Jonah according to him was someone of great talent and skill. He said the Lord often taught him things reminding him of Jonah. I told him the Lord always brought to my heart David , Daniel, Ezekiel, and Paul. He said he like to do charity lawyer work for people. He never lost a case he said. He told me about a case he won that he had not prepared paperwork for. He put a bunch of blank sheets together and stacked them up. He then put a few words down on top of the stack. He walked up to present the info and said to the judge he wouldnt be needing the rest of the stack . Hiding the blank sheets he looked at his opponent to intimidate and embarass his opponent. Then he sat down. He said because of Jesus he had to put on his Jesus shoes in court. His words were after all the studying and training and thinking about the prophets like Daniel or Jonah. The victory is in Jesus. It was court time and he needed to win. So since victory over the law is in the Lord Jesus Christ. He slipped on his Jesus shoes and let Jesus do the talking for him.
That is modern prophecy. Don't you agree!!!

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