Thursday, October 15, 2009

Physicians and Health Care

I am attempting to find some insight to the gospels truth about physicians and how we should discern the times and the worlds health. In my opinion honestly I dont believe God cares as much about the worlds health as the government. It doesnt cost God money to heal people and he is why there are health problems in this world. If the world was to believe in Jesus Christ and love and honor Gods laws and his son Jesus Christ there would be no health problems or diseases. Don't the gospels tell us their will be plagues if the gospels were added to or taken away from. How much has the bible been copied and taken away from or added to since the bible was wrote. Even if God didn't inflict all the health problems arent many from sin. Gluttony is the worst cause of death in our country . So many people take sin so lightly and consider all their own indulgences to be to Gods Glory and are self righteous imitators of their corporate images instead of imitators of christ. Sin is Death. I think that in reality since so many prophesed christians and catholics choose to over indulge to take pleasure in even eating. We really ought to call those to reconciliation and not let them commune with us until they have done some kind of penance and truly repented of the lusts for pleasures and gluttonous pursuits. The power of God is real. If they repented God would empower them to understand and have the discipline it requires to stay healthy and not over eat. Smoking pot is a form of gluttony so many people take lightly . It leads to obesity . Pot smoking causes an increase in appetite and the body's to slow down and not excersize as much as they would normally. As well as their brain activity. Its all unholy.
Ever since I was 23 years old I would stop into hospital chapels as often as I could to pray for my health and clear my mind of imaginations and falshoods about my body and my soul. I often prayed for the health of the sick and the more I visited hospital chapels the more it would seem to me the ways people live and their attitudes about health. They should fear the Lord. He created us to be in his image and it sure isnt Gods will that we live unholy . Even old age of the healthiest of us is do to sin . Adams sin and the sin of our ancestors.

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