Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oliver Cromwell/Isaiah/Puritan Movement/American Revelution

Now that I have started to think more about Isaiah and the Puritan Movement. It seems to me the american revelution took a stand for the Puritan's again shortly after Cromwell. However the leaders of the American Revelution where not really as uncorrupted as Cromwell. His sincerety was not matched by the American leaders. A conspiracy was in the making. I believe it was the Freemasonry who instituted secretly an anti-christ following disguised as the Puritans fight against tyranny. They used the puritans cause to establish themselves as the same kind of power as the monarchs the puritans wanted to wage war against. Thus defeating the monarchs to take their power. Unlike Cromwell who was merely serving the Lord to himself in times like written in Isaiah. The Freemasons continued to mislead people untill the puritan cause was divided into many falsehoods and the protistant movement became dilluted and misguided. The KKK and other like secret societies used the once noble cause of puritans who merely hated tyranny and oppression and molded thier own nation of phony religions and secret social orders. These times are the aftermath of the original plots of secret orders during times when oppression had been warred against and even divided the church. Puritan's I dont believe had the intentions of George Washington and his freemason fellows. They merely publicised what the public wanted to hear who were puritan. Knowing the Puritans would help them gain power and over throw the families who were monarch's with power over they and their freemason fellows. Greed was motivating washington the man and now is motivating washington the city and government. He knew from Cromwell that the puritans would follow and it was planned out in my opinion. However God is not mocked it says in the bible and people reap what they sow. So In modern times I have plans and ideas but still its hard knowing absolutely how to deal with the same issues only modern that are written out in Isaiah just as were in Cromwell's time. We should probably follow the examples of the apostles first and like Isaiah have faith in the Lord most of all.

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