Saturday, October 10, 2009

My thoughts about Attention deficit disorder

My belief of why Attention deficit disorder happens
I think the real reason for ADD or ADHD has to do with the Royal Diadem of God. I think because of the modern Dungeons and Dragons and Fantasy role playing games also Fantasy Rock such as Iron Maiden pioneered. The focus of young and old people is seduced into believing the royal diadem of the living God is a myth. This has a large effect on our ability to focus on the reality of our own roles in life. God being the real creator of life not a fantasy. This could of been why dungeons and dragons was thought out . It may of been a satanic synogogue ploy or some kind of secular jewish cult thing. I dont know maybe celtic mystics either way it causes the minds of people to have not the same perception of their duties and role in life. They dont acknowledge the higher order of the living God as the Diadem of lifes greatest focus and center of the life solace in each day.

Not just fantasy but crime and perversion is also what our chilren have been bombarded with each day. The teachings of darwinism and other blasphemes of the Lords order. All these things taught to conform people to surrender the minds over to the masters of money and seductions of the world. The reality of mankinds existance being mocked by drug lords and the true marks of our sanity and well being is masked by dark myths that elude the niave and unfaithfull. We have a real life to live yet the oppression of todays scientists and modern institutes make it so hard pressed against the sanctity of truth and the thoughts young people and old people alike are expected to entertain are to serve the seducers until our lives are for sale and mocked by the masters of illusion and lies.

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