Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Modern Liturgy

These two great men, Newman, who has been called a pioneer and prophet of the Second Vatican Council and Guéranger, whom Pope Paul VI described as the “Father of the Liturgical Movement” met each other in the Birmingham Oratory in September 1860 and shared their ideas about their common area of interest Tradition and the writings of the Fathers of the Church.

The above paragraph is a paragraph on the blogspot of Abbot Prosper Guerange at blogspot.com

I am very happy for Abbot Prosper Guerange. Yet however it seems that Paul had warned not to make the gospel a theology. Not to make the furtherance an intellectual matter so much as a matter of faith. The doctrine of the Lord is as living words that are words of God to speak to our hearts and souls not to explain a science or technical teachings of law. Anyone who delights in the Lord will delight in his true divine law. Yet how so many in our times use theology to argue against those who live with faith. There is no doubt that the hope of secular institutions is we rely on theology and not faith. The only true need is that we guard the truth. Leaving the doctrine untouched. The Lord knows the intentions of our hearts and though he does not know the darkness as a Father knows his children. He does know the deeds of the darkness as well as the light. Our works now in these times need to be fruitfull and for the furtherance of the Lords Gospel and work we need no further bombard bookshelves with theology. We need faith and the safeguarding of strategic opportunity to advance our virtue as his holy church and take dominion as followers of his throne in times when the world follows their master and their father who is satan. In truth we may pay tribute to Prosper Guerange for our modern liturgy. Don't get me wrong I do like the modern liturgy. It is of no comparison to the protestant preachers sunday groanings. Yet I am certain it is the Lords faith that we pursue more spiritually minded avenues in the area of spiritual gifts and discernment in such evil times. The evangelicals of course hold it against the catholic church that spiritual gifts are not taught as an abundant resource to be freely excersized in each sunday service. The Will of God I pray so that it would not be forced into the hearts of those who know nothing about spiritual gifts. Yet we should hope that the virtue of faith be even more important to us all.

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