Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Marriage Question

In today's society its amazing how many ways of life there are. So many people live together and never get married. So many people have secular training about relationships and sex. I read a book about marriage that I found in a Lutheran church library. It was a large sociology book on the subject. It said the average american usually knows after 3 months of living together if they want to marry the person. 3 months is about the length of one season wether its winter , fall, summer, or spring. So say shacking up together for the winter and after the snow melts you should know by then if you are really in love and want to marry. What happens then. Obviously its not rocket science how to ask youre partner if they will marry you. Asking God in prayer to give you grace and power to do it the right way is really the best way to go about it. I believe there should be no cost to the couple just to have the marriage officiated. I dont believe ministers should really charge money. Wedding planners and caterers ofcourse but not the minister. I think you should be able to call the minister and within a day, a week , two weeks be able to get married. That is if you dont want a big wedding and you'd like to get married just because of Gods will. The month wait for the license is something we cant avoid. I am sure God knows there is a month wait. I just wanted to touch basis a little on the subject. I am no expert and havnt really been married yet. Yet !!. Meditating and Praying about things always seems to help give me a better understanding and higher awareness to what my intentions and needs are. If I am intouch with my own emotions through meditation and mindfull of the gospel to living through prayer and meditation. I become more adapt and ready for things like relationships with the opposite sex. I believe that is our source for emotional strength and guidance that nature supplies and God equips us in the spirit to discern and make the right choices in our life.

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