Thursday, October 15, 2009

levite and catholic priesthood comparison

These following words are my own opinion I wanted to share. They are by no means a prophecy or intended to teach it is wrong to be a priest. I just wanted to share some thoughts to help others form an opinion who may not be certain about the matter themselve. My belief is the catholic church modeled itself after the levite priesthood. In the gospels there is no similarity between the covenants that would create such a priesthood. True it is the same God the covenants with but under the covenant of Jesus Christs atonement he is highpriest forever having made and eternal atonement forever that we never need to offer up sacrifices or burnt offerings. The Levites took no part in the heritage of Israel . They were not to take part in the inheritance of the Israelites. The celebate vows of the Roman catholic priesthood does this to the Roman catholic priesthood. Also the monastery and convents are another example. I am pretty sure that the levitical order is how they reasoned to believe they should live as levites. However the orthodoxy organization does not make the priests live as levites. I still dont believe in any priestly order. In our baptism we recieve as the body of christ in my opinion there is no need for a priest. Why would we need to goto a priest for atonement. The confession of our faith need only be to God for him to baptise us in the spirit. The confession of our sins I believe also even one to another or possibly if its a serious offense to the whole congregation we commune with. Understanding that it is done as a service by the priest. I am not an expert on the matters of catholic organization or why there are priests. I like anyone not a priest or scholar on the matter only have to reason what it is to me in my own opinion. There is so much wrong in modern times and people are so immorral. With the molestations and many divisions believing that anything is done right is difficult. Who do we trust. I suppose we are really to trust no one. We definately can trust the Lord but who is like God and 2000 years after christ we dont know exactly how things were done when the apostles were here. I have learned priestly things from the Holy spirit. Mystical teachings of my heart and mind. At times it is amazing how the Lord takes my heart and like a flame I am suddenly taken from the normal concerns of my flesh and ablaze in the spirit like being filled with living waters and abundant life. The Holy Spirit is a solace to me and Great teacher. The priestly things I learn not an ordained priest I often wonder if there is a need for the title of priest. However the title priest is no worse than a pretending minister of some unknown protistant faith.

Numbers 18:23"Only the Levites shall perform the service of the tent of meeting, and they shall bear their iniquity; it shall be a perpetual statute throughout your generations, and among the sons of Israel they shall have no inheritance.

Deuteronomy 14:27 And the Levite that is within thy gates; thou shalt not forsake him; for he hath no part nor inheritance with thee.

Numbers 18:26Thus speak unto the Levites, and say unto them, When ye take of the children of Israel the tithes which I have given you from them for your inheritance, then ye shall offer up an heave offering of it for the LORD, even a tenth part of the tithe.

For sake of tradition I am certain some may hold to this catholic immitation of the levite. However didnt Paul write to imitate him and to imitate Jesus the other apostles. When did they go by the title of priest. When did they speak to appoint a priest. Paul wrote that the rights of an apostle was to work, eat, and get married just like anyone else. That means they could take part in the inheritance in some way as any christian would. Paul didnt like to live off tythe and worked as a tent maker. So isnt that an example to us. He rebuked peter to his face for living like the jews. Werent levites and the levitical order of aaron jews. Even melchizedek was a jew. We shouldnt live as though any of us have power to forgive sins or make any type of offering acceptable to the Lord. Jesus was murdered on the cross the price for our sin was made by the Son of God who greater then melchezideck took the need for a priesthood away. Do we need to worship in the temples anymore. AFter the veil ripped we now can worship without a priest there we can worship anywhere and can pray freely also we can goto the Lord for forgiveness without needing a priest.

Do the clergy need to alienate from the rest of the assembly?. The clergy are no better than anyone else in their heritage and definately have no greater covenant with the Lord. I dont really believe there is a better anointing any clergy have although some may have faith its really only Jesus Christ that we can pray to God so the great high office of priest I dont think exists.

The virtue to become a Bishop it says in the gospels is Faith. There is no inheritance that someone becomes a Bishop . The Faith of the Lord Jesus Christ is much greater than any priest who has ever served the Lord. I really wasnt there when the apostles established the church or when Jesus was here on earth teaching them. So I really cannot swear and only have to form my own opinion about the faith such as any human who chooses to follow the Lord.

I understand the priests of the catholic and orthodox church are not doing any harm and really do serve as ministers of the Lords Church. The title priest is all I am not real certain is right. When christ came here he was the Lord himself come as man. He lowered himself to the image of creation being the creator himself. To us it is impossible to know or understand how much lower we are than God himself. I believe in each church building there shouldnt be a stage higher than the congregation but a sunken pulpit below the congregation as to humble the minister not to glorify his title. Christ suffered more than any minister can even though many may suffer because of thier faith in Jesus. It is that christ lowered himself and became man that we have a covenant with God and the work of Jesus Christ is mysterious. I believe each minister would do much more well at his work and speaking the Lords Words to congregations if they were lowered not above them while speaking.

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