Thursday, October 15, 2009

key of Solomon and the difference of the work of Jesus Christ

The key of Solomon and the Lesser key of Solomon are I believe the very cause of the Freemasons. Its knowledge supposedly to have power over demons and magical potions and spells wisdom to make someone invisible like Merlin the Magician in fantasy movies about medieval times. The wikipedia article about the Key of Solomon I read explains Solomons key to have been found by a archeoligist from Babylonia who was repairing the temple. He found Solomon's Key then supposedly an Angel of the Lord came to visit him and told him that no one was to now the knowledge of the key unless they be wise and worthy to know its secrets. You can read the key now online if that tells you anything. this is a link to the texts in the key of solomon online.

In the gospels it tells us that we have authority to cast out demons however it also tells us that it is not what we are to Glory about . The example of Jesus doing no ceremony or ritual but just plainly speaking a command to the demon legion and casting the demon into a pig. Casting it into a pig gives me the opinion that it is Gods will for us not to think to highly or important of demons or give them a place as servants even such as the solomons key did. The work of Solomon's key was solely based on the command over spirits and how to invoke them and conjure them to do work for you as servants. Like merlin the magician and magical conjurors we see on movies which is just the fantasies of those who read Solomon's key or the legends of those who supposedly had performed the magic of the key. If this is the authority the Freemasons want to glory over and the knowledge that is so important then it isnt christs authority they swear by . I now begin to understand the work of Solomon's key is more than likely what all this masonic temple and secret society stuff is all about. Read the key for yourself but also read all the scriptures warning about sorcery and also remember it is the work of Jesus Christ we are to do as his church. No one can know the father except through the son. Jesus Christ's wisdom is much greater then solomon's casting out demons isnt what the furtherance is about or something to glory over. Jesus accomplished something that changed the covenant with God. He conquered all on the cross. We merely need to ask of God to remove a demon in any utterance from our heart. I am suspicious that the way evangels are about trying to cast demons out of everyone and their infactuation with the power over evil spirits possibly this is because of Freemason preachers who evangel congregations follow. An angel of darkness disguised as an angel of light appeared to Jesus Christ to decieve him. Perhaps the same angel appeared to the man who found solomon's key and was visited by and angel of light. In fact maybe the very same angel who visited Joseph Smith. This is possible if its possible that either were visited by and angel.

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