Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I was stuck in Portland,Oregon for several months. I originally planned just to stop through Portland and pick up some new glasses , get a driver license for oregon and work on a driving job for a month or so to get some money to move to a smaller city. I got here on a weekend. It took two or 3 days is all to spend what little cash I had from working on campaign initiatives in california. I didnt recieve my last check from the political consultant so I was tapped. I needed to get some glasses so I went to the vet services and they told me to come back in a month. I got a job on a tuesday selling automotive services. I thought I could quickly come up with cash for glasses and license. However I traveled around for a month and a half nocked 1000's of doors and ended up in the whole. I sold 10 to 35 automotive plans a week. I quit and the owner of the marketing service offered me a job driving his tour bus full of drug addict salespeople. I would of had to work 7 days a week living with the sales people. I said no thankyou . It would of paid 30 dollars an hour but it was to evil for me to want to endure. Sales and marketing people arn't people who take no for an answer and even when it is them pressuring you to do drugs, alcohol, or endulge in sexual activities. They are the worst people on earth to me. To make it harder most of the sales people were military vets on the job. Not you're everyday american kind of people . Just people who pretend they are and go door to door pressuring people to buy auto services.

I got an appointment for my glasses. I needed money right away so I went down to the fair grounds and got a job with Americraft cookware. I was to work several fairs but I needed to come back for my glasses to be made. So I came back after a week and half. The chef for americraft told me over the phone he wouldnt be needing me at the next fair because his son was going to help him. I met a man who sold dish network at the fairs. I knew a christian man who sold Dish and was a vet who didnt use drugs or drink. This guy told me he knew the other dish sales manager and spoke like he was good friends with him. He told me he was an owner retailer and gave me his card. His card said owner I found out otherwise. I called him and went to his house to see if I could come up with some money for my driver license. I told him I just wanted to go out a bit to come up with some money so I could change to a driving job. He told me I could leave my bags at his house even sleep in his garage if I needed to. His original agreement was 3 sales a month for rent of his garage. He told me I would have access to the stove and bathroom ect. He told me he would leave me alone and expected only 3 sales from me a month. I was in such a hard situation I needed cash quick to get me license. My family wasnt going to help me. I told him o.k. and thanked him. When I tried to contact my other friend I couldn't get a hold of him. So I didnt know that they were really not friends and didnt like each other. The next day after moving in everything he told me started to change. He locked me out of his house and demanded I drive him to salem , oregon for the state fair each day. I had to drive to and from the state fair two or 3 times a day. There I was told to stay there at a booth to learn sales. He yelled at me each day and was drunk every night. He originally told me he would train me to go door to door and expect nothing from me. I figured I could stay until I got enough money for a license and just leave . However he made it hard to sell anything at the state fair. I ended up with 3 sales at the fair but owed him for a week and had to wait for the installers to install then for Dish to pay him. The state fair in Washington started so he asked me if I would go along. I told him I didnt want to. He got angry and told me he needed my help and I should be thankfull he helped me out. He started speaking loud and told me I would earn 50 dollars a sale just for being there and bringing people to the booth. Supposedly I was to be needed in case to many people came to the booth. He got drunk the day we were to leave. I had to drive there and listen to him yell while I drive. The next day I had to open up. Each day I had to open the booth . He drank every night and came late each day. So I spent 10 to 12 hours at the booth he spent 5 to 8 usually only 5 or 6 . He yelled at me every day I he was there. He kept demanding I get more people to the booth some days I would bring 30 to 40 people to the booth and he couldnt close them becaus he was either drunk or so much of jerk he couldnt hide it. He weighed about 280 pounds and was so dirty he pooped his pants at the fair more than twice. I couldnt believe it. People working around me told me they didnt like him and didnt like that he could yell at me all day. I couldnt believe he could sanely speak the way he did. I figured he was some kind of nut. I stayed calm each day but finally had enough. He told me I was supposedly going to earn 5000 dollars at the end of the fair if he got 100 sales. I said that would help me. However I had found out he didnt really own the business his brother did. He didnt pay his taxes for 10 years and couldnt get a license without the IRS looking into it. I wasnt getting paid for any sales we were at about 35 sales and had only a week left. He got drunk and as we were walking back one night from the fair. He dropped his laptop on my shoulder and didnt ask me but told me to carry it. I just played along went to the car told him I didnt know where he wanted the laptop and set it next to him. I had to drive because he and his friend were drunk. I drove the car up the road and they realised they forget the laptop. Then the blame was placed on me and he told me he would kill me if he couldnt find it. I drove back to the fair. He was screaming and yelling and threatening to kill me. We couldnt find it. I went to go look at lost and found. I told the security the story and a cop escorted me to the car. They left drunk after harrassing another security guard. I still had to get my bags back at the hotel . I stayed at a restaurant all night and came back the next morning. I got my luggage he said he wasnt going to pay me and I owed him for his laptop. The contracts were in the laptop case and I didnt have receipts from any because they hadnt been installed and the ones that were I couldnt get to kinko's without being harrassed by the guy. I have never dealt with such an arrogant drunk my whole life. He was the ultimate greedy city hood drunk. I guess he had been a car sales manager prior and had a criminal record for robbery. Had I of known that prior I would of avoided it. I knew sales people were bad and had plenty of experience with people who are. However he was so much more offensive and arrogant than average I had not expected it to get that bad. Hip hoppers in Hollywood werent as arrogant. I needed to get home so I got a bus ticket from family. When I got back I had to still come up with money for a license a few months had gone by and I still didnt have my license. I called my step father and he told me he would help me out if I worked a whole week with him in washington. I had to camp out in the woods in the rain. He paid me 200 dollars for 1 weeks work or 7 days 6 to 8 hours a day. I spent the money on a bus ticket home and hotel over the weekend because nothing was open. After food , rent, laundry and bus fare. I was almost tapped and still couldnt come up with the money for a license. He offered another week for only 100 dollars. I couldnt accept it . The first week was degrading and hard to stomach . One more would of enraged me. I have pretty good control over my temper but I'm human. I went to legal aid . Legal Aid told me they couldnt assist me. Then I went to the Oregon state bar. They told me to call Pro Bono services and I did. The Pro Bono services wouldnt return my calls. Some man told me he had guns and I could go to the mans house and get my money that way. I didnt want to entertain the thought of it. The man with the guns was a truck driver and told me he would give me a job as a lumper and help me get my commercial truck drivers license. He told me he was retiring soon and would give me contracts he didnt want to do help me get started. He had a work load for 6 months and wanted to sell his truck and goto the tropics for winter. He gave me his number and told me to call. I did and he never called me back . I seen him off and on for 2 weeks and he kept telling me he was leaving in a few days. I couldnt believe it was so hard to talk to someone without being lied to about anything normal. I went back to the vet service they told me they would pay for the license and help me get my commercial driver license. Then the next week they told me had to get a job doing something else. I went to the Portland Mission for a bed. I spoke with the chaplain and he gave me bed. He was at one time a pentecostal minister through Assembly of God, Then he got ordained through the nazarene. The whole community use the mission for their christian works. Most of the homeless are drunks and drug addicts but several arn't and are going through things like I am. Each night a different church group comes. In a months time. I have talked to around 15 or more ministers told them my story and referred them to my bible study site. Here's what freaks me out. I even asked the chaplain if he would consider me for employment. The mission was hiring for several positions which I had verifiable qualifications for. I needed only a little money to stabilize myself. He told me no because I am using the mission for a bed. Its a sick place. The bible says alot contrary to what the church leaders in Portland are seeming to be to me. I know the word of God tells us not to turn someone away or Jesus will on judement day turn you away for it. It even tells us to honor one another, Also it states to give even strangers a place to stay. Do onto others as you'd have others do unto you. I don't even want to spend the time today to look up all the scriptures. However In the past when similar things have happened the ministers and christian community was different about it to me. Here's a few examples. When I was in my 20's I had a bad experience with my stepbrother and father. I got in a quarrel and needed a place to stay. I was supposed to be going to college living at my fathers. My father wouldnt fill out paperwork i needed from him to get a pell grant so I got upset. Also my stepbrother came over dealing drugs which made me blow my top when my dad came home. Some people at church helped me out for a few hours then the youth pastor let me stay at his house for a week. He was youth pastor at the Assembly of God in Albany, Oregon. Then a few other people helped me out for a few nights from church. When I got a place to stay it was in a questionable neighborhood and one of the pastors who did a radio show had two sons . One of his sons told me to let him know if anyone was a threat to me he would help me deal with them. So the general brotherly love thing was still the focus of the fellowship. Then after that I moved to Corvalis, Oregon. Before I left a minister who ministered across the street from where I lived gave me his number. I had never attended but one sunday I did and I told him I was moving. He told me anywhere I go in the united states he could help me find a place to stay if I needed it. I lost his number. He retired a while back or I would of looked him up this time. Anyways I went to corvalis and was told by some college students that I could rent a room in their basement they told me it would take a few days to clean so come back in 3 days to move in. I came back after spending money in a hotel. They told me they rented it to a woman. I couldnt find a place to stay in time before I ran out of money at the hotel. The bishop of the catholic church told some people who attended there and they gave me a place to stay for a few weeks. They were both teachers . One was a proffessor of engineering at the state college. The other was a kindergarten teacher. Then I moved into a room the gave took my money and moved out without any notice. I had only a few days to move into another place . Someone at the parish told me they would let me stay there for a few weeks . They had just moved from california to Corvalis. The man was a hewett packard marketing executive. Him and his wife were catachism leaders and now are marriage counselors for newly weds. I have had some other experiences . As bad as it seems without parents assisting and trying to get things done without lying or cheating. When you're young and at times when youre older with no family help. Its hard to fend against other families. Portlands christian community is a hit and miss when it comes to reality. After 15 ministers and not even being able to work to save money at the mission. I think they are earning alot from the tythes and offerings and government grants and its more of a business to them then the real gospels fight. I hope its Gods way of exposing it to me. Now I know not to get joined up with the community the same way when I start my own ministry. I think there will be alot of changes and the real motif or gospels furtherance may have a turn around as things need to advance and be done to modern standards. Atleast these two things are real in modern day and really alot more. The green eco architecture along with need for real brotherhood and leadership. Our environment is awfull. The homelessness of the young is outrageous. We need quick easy and effect ways to modern sustainable living resources. Instead of using people who are homeless to do christian works that are really just to play christian . Like the homeless or those in need are just for the corporate world or city christian to play christian and give a little food and clothing to now and then. It should take no longer than three months to get people housed and into a real eco house structure . Be it grants or whatever. If people were really focused on the communion of christ jesus they would have no trouble assisting someone further or discerning those who are really baptised into the same faith or not. The young should be probably helped without alot of religiosity do to the real cause and because of how much oppression there is in the city. They can share christs gospel with them after they get them indoors. This shelter stuff should be done away with.

I have been without an Oregon I.D. and had trouble getting my birth certificate to get one. I finally got one and then went to the veteran employment services . I was told they would help me get my driver license. All the white staff I had originally spoke with were fired and only black staff were employed. The people I originally spoke with were fast and simple to speak with. The black took vacations every month and seldom were in the office. I finally got into see the counselor and he told me he wanted me to attend some classes and he would get me assistance for obtaining my driver license. I have a california driver license but I need to pay some fees for an oregon so I can drive for a living in Oregon. From my experience working with anyone on what is deemed a normal job . Usually it ends up not so normal and people are unsober or to physically handicapped or emotionally disturbed . I wanted a driving job so I could work alone while I get money to pay a grant writer and work on getting loans to be self employed. There is nothing worse to me than having knowledge and skills to be my own employer with alot of people in the way who's opinions are never valuable to me but deem themselves experts on every matter.

I had alot of experience working with the black community in Sacramento , California. As bad as racism is. The blacks seemed to be more anti white community then I deemed most white racist were anti black with exception of the violent hate groups. Many of the blacks would associate themselves with the muslim community. Malcolm X was a muslim and mohammad ali. I had neighbors who were black and they would goto christian church but if a white asked some of their names they would say their name was molique. I asked why. One told me they only tell whites that . He said his real name and told me molique meant muslim king . I looked it up and couldnt find the name online. Many blacks are prophesed christians yet honor and fellowship with the muslim. To me its a way for them to join up with anti white church community. Another way for them to be against the american white church. I have met many christian of different cultural backgrounds. All of which I met in California while living there. Only a few seemed to be harmless christian people. Most were so liberal it was almost as though they believed in a different God or a different Jesus Christ. I thank God I don't live in those countries were the muslim blacks kill the christian blacks. I stayed respectfull of the people I had to live near and work with. Staying calm and staying faithfull to my own beliefs availed. I had gained a few friends and learned how hatefilled people are about race. I could never trust people of different kind involved with the government after living in sacramento and L.A. . What I experienced was complete anti white establishment and along with it real self righteous people pretending to be christian who really were all the evils of the world and worse hypocrites than I'd imagined. I knew from white suburbs how bad hypocrites could be I supposed but the California minority groups seemed to be like hell knocking on heavens gates wanting justice. I think the American Blacks who are the real church have to deal with harder things than most people. Because of the muslim associations and prejudices on both sides of the fence. The Islam faith of south africa is dangerous to the church there. I think it is here.

The reason I wrote this wasnt to express racial opinions . It was to share some of the recent experiences I've had in the christian community. Unfortunately the christian community is culturally divided in most community's. So I wanted to share some of the hardships in getting even simple matters accomplished to expose some of the reasons why we cant advance our society or really be joined up with all the clubs, lodges, community works, ect. Also why we have to use discretion and trust that christ is a greater standard. Jesus isnt stupid, People are. So stupid or smart we dont have to trust people regardless of race or political movements. Even though racism is wrong its on both sides of the fence. Even though hypocrisy is wrong its on both sides of the fence. God is our fortress not the community or the banks. I sure hope God guards my life because I don't feel as though security company's or government officers really fit the bill on the security budget.

I studied agriculture and continued my online bible study. Eventually I moved away using the carnival to get some cash to leave. I thank God I am alive it was dangerous and I still have my salvation it was very trying and tempting. There was so much adversity each day I am thankfull I had training as a combat medic, detective, and crisis hotline operator. If not it would have been so hard. I think the year christian growth program training prepared me for the mission stuff. However the most important training was the spiritual training of the holy spirit. I am pretty certain that the Lord could of easily put in a different place somehow but wanted me to know the darkness the community really can be and how phony most supposed ministries are. The monastery would of been the only real option had not there been evangel ministries housing the homeless for profit.

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