Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Greek and Roman church
The origin of the Church is within the kingdom of heaven. Yet we are in this modern day many years after the manifestation of the works of the saints. The catholic and greek church were its primary established institute . The Rock of Christ is the creator of heaven and the establisher of our own existance and freedom from the evil generations of the world. The Cultures of Rome and Greece in its original state were strongly against the Jews and the christians. Their worship of false gods and their ways of life were condemned by the early writers of the gospels and by christ himself. Even the Early Prophets condemned their worship of false gods. This made it hard for early christians or catholics. The Greek Church and the Roman church was founded by the strength of the Lord who is the rock on which it was founded. Yet the fathers of the church were not as strong as he and the roman and greek ways of making a myth out of everything higher than man took root in the worship and woodwork of the greek and catholic. They made gods out of the saints to worship . I believe the early artists made their works seem to be great by making gods out of the saints and painting them in the cathedrals on the high ceilings to make it seem like they are painting the heavens. It was an immature gay culture in Rome and Greece. The Freedom Early americans established was to be free from all those ways of life and those who believe in an image of Christ as a myth. What I believe it does to people is make them believe that they are like gods and the life of christ is a myth to imagine themselves higher than they are on earth. The clergy’s like to pretend they are more than mortal and have some kind of divine image like the greek or roman gods like they are higher than even the statutes of the Lord. Its a wonder how great the greek and roman church is that the early americans became free from it and the English Church. What a great thing it was. Yet like the greek and roman the american freedom of religion gave rise to many other immature wickedness. Now we deal with the harassments of the evangels and the immaturities of the protestant doctrine. The Church is Universal and completely whole the institute here will be destroyed on the day of Christs return. Times call for furtherance and to get rid of the make believe and the old image of the institute.
There is definately a communion we have with the Lord and all his saints in angels in heaven. We should seek the prayers and intercession of the saints and angels yet they are only servants of our Lord and not someone we should pretend to be or pretend anyone is a god or super power. Whatever solace our God is and whatever life we share it is not one of sorcery or like the glory of the gods it is more marvelous yet. The myth image created by all the culture is wrong. Its modern times and we need to be real to the times and follow our Lord not make a myth or legend out of our communion. We have indeed a higher calling with our Lord but it is in the spirit and not to glorify the image of our flesh or the offices of the church here on earth. I wanted to share these thoughts not as though they are divine words but only reason in modern times to try and understand the wrongs and rights to the image handed down to us of the early church. The Glory of the church is the life in the spirit and the salvation of our Lord. The many years of many people has allowed for enough corruption and material treasures to discard the sanctity of the Lords divine truths we dont need paintings and treasures to regard our faith with value. The more we value these imaginations the less we value the reality of our life in the Lord and the less of a Truth we understand.

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