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God anointing in my life.

Gods anointing in my life
I believed in God a normal way as a child. My parents moved to the city from a farming city when I was 3. They attended church regularly before I was born. My father used to take my mothers younger brother to church before they went hunting or fishing on sunday's. When I was a kid 3 or 4 my neighbors would take me and my sister to a Nazerene church. My uncle also would take us to church. He was returning the favor to my father . I had neighbors who would attend The church of God also some neighbors who attended the catholic church they invited me on a regular basis and my theology knowledge was the Jesus crayon coloring book I colored in. That remained my religious studies until I was 19. The Lord blessed me with talent and lots of friends as a child. I was one of the most popular kids in the school I attended. I was class representative for 3 years. Also presidential fit and played each sport for one year to try them. I was first chair in band . Sang solo's in choir. I was dance committee member for 2 years and dance DJ my 8th grade year for the lower grades. I was in cubscouts and boyscouts and had advanced reading and math skills. I had a paper route and learned to roof with my father in the summers. I was learning plenty of discipline. However it was public school and It was getting real hard to endure. By highschool alot had changed. I had to learn to wise up and it wasnt going to be easy. It was the 80's and punk rock anarchy hit. Heavy Metal was booming. I didn't go to rock concerts I did hang out with everyone though. I went house to house like the bible says. I mean every house every day I could. I had alot of energy. In the Apocrophal Infacy Gospels. Christ when he was a child really played with other children . In fact one of the miracles he did as a child was when he was playing on a roof with other children. While they were playing one child fell off the roof the other kids ran scared of getting in trouble. Jesus stayed and the kids parents came to get him and saw him dead. The child's parents blamed Jesus for killing the child. Jesus said I didn't kill you're child I gave him life. The child came back to life and stood up.

I started working when I was 16 learning to be a carpenter and at 17 was in the union. It says in the word to do all things as unto the Lord. I was learning to work and stay focused on mature things. It used to be fun and exciting for me to go fishing and I went every weekend sometimes everyday. My fishing trips were starting to be more serious. I couldnt think the same child like way I used to and was new to me. I knew it was the Lord. The narrow mindedness of being a child was leaving me. I could think about how Great the Lord is and it was more serious to me my time and the peace I experience when I would go fishing on my days off. I played guitar as much as I could and learned to oil paint and would go fishing or for long drives. That was how I spent most of my free time other than a daily bike ride before sun rise each day. The Lord was starting to teach me to be an adult. I finally had a breaking point and for about 6 months I played heavy metal guitar everyday and partied with my firiends. However I couldnt ever get my mind off the Lord. Each day it was a spiritual experience. I started working again and moved out into the rural parts of a small city in Oregon. I could put my mind on the reality again and the traditional ways of american life. I wanted to goto church and talk to a priest to have him pray for God to bless me and protect me from evil. My grandma took it wrong. She called my uncle and he was a hippie reborn christian. Even though my father took him to church. He used drugs and backslid and got into the hippie movement a bit. Then he read the bible while high on lsd and became a very religious pentecostal reborn christian. Many pentecostals are hippie reborn.

I ended up living with my Uncle my car was broke down. I had to goto chuch in this little town in rural oregon. They were all hippies in this pentecostal denomination. It was freaky to me. My car was broke down so I was under the authority of some pentecostals for awhile. Its strange how america can become when people have their own standards and beliefs that arnt really in touch with the whole fellowship of living. They tried to cast demons out of me. I was teen so I spitefully would humor them a bit. One time I sitting in the church and they were speaking in tounges and moaning . I couldnt take it much longer so being a guitarist and singer I bellowed out Oh God Have Mercy no more . They got me on the ground and starting praying for demons to come out of me. There was another guitarist there whos parents made him attend because he was listening to Ozzy. He yelled "NO" and they got him on the ground and prayed for demons to come out of him. They wouldnt leave me alone and kept asking what demon was in me. So I quickly thought of people believing ozzy music makes kids want to commit suicide it was the early 90's and that was still kind of what they were thinking about teens. So I said the spirit of suicide. Then they kept saying the same thing to the other young musician. He finally said the same thing the spirit of suicide probably to give them and answer so they would stop. I was a pretty talented kid and a good actor so they bought it. We both played guitar afterwards and I played piano also. The other musician was very good at playing guitar. He said I was good but I hadnt learned the technical skills he learned. I started singing again. So it was a positive thing because I could get my mind on singing again. I found that worship to God was the greatest thing I have ever experienced. Some man visited the small church who they believed was a prophet. He prophesied over the children. He said God would put a bit in my mouth and train me up like a horse for battle and call me into a circle of leaders. Then he said to the other musician that God was going to anoint him to become a leader. I was given an ultimatem by uncle to goto this christian growth program in some small town or a christian dude ranch or live on the streets. I chose the growth program. I toured in a christian choir and read the bible every day. I read the proverbs each day and wrote how the proverb chapter I was reading applied to my life each day. I did an advanced christian studies course kind of generic that supposedly equalled a year of bible college. One wednesday night I attended a peoples church. It was a large Assembly of God's chuch called the Peoples Church. There was a congregation of 4000 people. That night the minister started talking about old ministers retiring a new ones called into full time ministry. He said that he believed God has been speaking to him in the spirit that night to call a young man forward to anoint him for full time ministry. He said if you think you are that young man come forward and we will pray for God to anoint you. I felt kind of magnified and drawn in and stood up. Another young man stood up also. I had spoke to the young man a week or so before. We were working on an inventory job through the church . It was inventory work at the Emporium store I believe. I saw the other young man and figured maybe it was for him. I felt kind of strange like I was supposed to go up there also. Then after they were praying for the other young man. The minister stopped and said no you know the Lord is still speaking to me that there is one more young man please come up here if you are that young man. I went up there on stage. A few church elders and the pastor prayed for me after praying for the other young man. The prayed for God to anoint me and guide me into the right ministry. They told me that I was to just keep on doing what I would normally do and keep reading the bible . That when its time God will guide me into the right ministry. They said they didnt know what the ministry would be because God ministers in so many different ways. I kept on reading the bible like they said. I sang in a choir at an assemblies of God for another year. Then I started college to get a degree in music to transfer to a 6 year in music ministry. My music teacher was also my speech teacher. I started with a public speaking class, aerobic weight lifting, and writing 1. In my writing class I went to the mall for one of my assignments on descriptive writing and wrote about the mall , the sights , the sounds, smells, things people were doing. The informative one I wrote about the Assembly of God church because I had fellowshiped and trained in a ministry that was associated with them. Then I wrote another writing on Hate and its cause and effects in society. In my public speech class I did a speech on the crucifixion of christ, another on playing guitar, and another on brushing you're teeth, and one on giving a commeration speech. I had some problems with getting my funds for college I needed info from my father to finish the form. He wouldnt give the info. He said it was none of their business and he wouldnt fill out the form. I didnt get to take the next semester.

I started singing in the music teachers church choir at 1st christian church. I wanted a change from the pentecostal choir. I sang in that choir for awhile. Then one day I was passing by the New parish building the catholics built. The old catholic cathedral had burnt down. A tramp burnt it down . The insurance policy paid for a new building to be built. It was the most beautiful building I have seen as far as churches go anyhow. It modern style, white with large stain glass windows, a statue of mary in front, a prayer chapel seperate from the sanctuary, A water fountain in the sanctuary. You could here a pin drop inside. It was built for worship. The sound system was awesome. I walked into the prayer chapel. It was reconciliation day. I asked a man if anyone could go to confession. He said no its only for catholics. A woman said it wouldnt hurt anyone I could do it. I waited for my turn and went to speak to the priest. I told him I wasnt catholic and asked him what to say. He said if I had sinned I would know what to say. He asked me to come around and speak to him. I sat on the other side of the confessional and spoke to him. He said sometimes people go their whole life and dont need to go through a formal confession. He asked me to pray for him. I left the confessional and spoke with the church secretary. I asked her the difference people the catholic and the protestant faith. She invited me to batism class . I attended and after catachism class ended I got baptised. They told me I didnt need to go through the whole baptism because they believed I already believed in Jesus Christ. I wanted to anyways. I had been baptised in the willamette river in Lebanon, Oregon. However I hadnt been through a formal ceremony indoors. So I went through the whole baptism. I liked the catholic folk worship better than all the othe kinds I had heard. It was much more pleasant the whole traditional ceremonial mass than the crude and sometimes freaky protistant stuff. After awhile I was getting tired of regularly attending. I had met the bishop of Portland who was living in Corvalis at the time. He prayed for Gods will in my life and for God to bless me. I sang in an eposcopalean choir for a few weeks. Also in the catholic newman choir and read liturgy a few times. A catholic priest was visiting and I asked him to pray for my freedom. I wanted to be free to come and go withing the church congregations as I please without judgement or condemnation. He prayed for my freedom.

I had met a detective while in the christian growth program. I was working at a car wash to raise funds for the program. I spoke with him and asked him what he did for a living to afford the nice truck he drove. He said he was a P.I. who worked on contract through the federal government. I watched alot of shows on t.v. about P.I.'s but never met one. It changed my thoughts abit about the teen careless way of thinking about who I was around and what I was involved with at the time. I still thought kind of detective way I had started to understand once I put my mind on it. I was working at a store as bottle count while going through baptism class. A National Guard Investor approached me and told me he would give me a real job working with him investigation the Guards in town and whoever else he investigated. I didnt want involved with the government really so declined. I then called a private investigator for work. He told me to keep calling he might have something for me to work on. I started to focus with more diligence and vigilance on my security. I met a National Guard medic and he told me he Knew the recruiter and was his friend. He said I looked as fit as a CIA men and should enlist. I spoke with the recruiter the recruiter said it sounded like I would make a good assistant chaplain and he had a spot for an assistant chaplain to fill. Several things happened on my job and where I lived right before I had to take my entrance exam. It made me not sure about serving the nation at the time. I didnt know who to trust and changed my mind at the last minute.

I couldnt goto college it was seeming like. So I started to read books. I read over 200 hundred books from the library about religion. I volunteered as a library volunteer and organized the religious section for a few months. I had a real strong interest in King David and King Solomon his son. I read many books by the time I was finished studying I had read over 1000. I started writing poems and songs in a psalmist style. I would sit in the malls and Parks as I travelled back packing around working on construction jobs and other laborous jobs. I read all the federal codes and many psychology books. Also I studied how things work and history a bit. I read every government exam study guide book I could find. From parks and rec to Space shuttle operator. I read alot. I even read a book about spiritual dance wrote by Solomon's son Rehoboam. I also meditated and worshiped God daily sometimes all day. I sang in a few more choirs and was learning to be a detective in Sacramento when I visited the Lutheran church because The catholic cathedral in the town I lived was majority latino american. I didnt speak spanish and thought I'd feel more comfortable at a different church for awhile. The minister was an airforce chaplain. He took me through a catachism and I was confirmed Lutheran in Ranch Cordova , Ca. I stopped attending there after training and went back to the catholic cathedral in downtown sacramento when I moved after training. I kept praying and studying the bible. I meditated daily and still was studying and getting all the knowledge I could. I ended up enlisting in the military and sang in the choir there and was a liturgical reader. I got out of the army and kept praying . I wrote a few books and moved to LA. I had met a retired Leutenant Colonel of the U.S. Marines. After I got out of the army. He got ordained online and was doing weddings and funurals. When I got to LA for some reason I decided to get ordained online too. I did and slowly I would recall my anointing when I was 19. I knew it was getting time to start a full time ministry and I that is what I am working on now. I wont be using an online ordination but I will start a ministry that is orthodox in doctrine and modern in its domain. The focus of the ministry will be the deliverance from the power of evil and the spiritual gifts that most catholic ministries seem to put out of their work. Faith healing and prophecy not many speak of even. Yet so important that we desire the gifts so that we have a true faith and real value to heaven. Charity is ofcourse the most important but without faith charity is nothing to the Lord so the gifts about our faith such as faith healing and prophecy, praying in tongues of angels and all the mysterious gifts of God to war in the spirit.

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