Sunday, October 11, 2009

A few words about Imagry and Gods will

We all have an image. Each of us try and create an image for ourselves to the world. When we do business it is the image we create for our business . The lusts of the flesh and money and power inspired the graven images our ancestors created to worship the image of false gods the conjured up that represent the lusts of the flesh. In modern society. Many stars created images for themselves in a similar fashion through the lusts of the flesh. Images of Power and Greed, of wealth and wordly lusts and desires. The image of christ is pure and the almighty grace of the creator. His word tells us to conform to his image. As a child I was not to sure what the Lord was calling me to do. However he taught my heart day after day not to be as those on television or to fantasize about being like the sports stars or rock stars. As an adult the Lord teaches me in the spirit he is perfect and greater than all the world. He calls me to his light to witness that he is the savior and that He is the King of Kings and his image more marvelous and mysterious than words can express.

This scripture is just to remind that The Lords Will is different than our own. To believe in Jesus Christ is to conform to a new life. We need to know the absolute perfect will of God is only manifested by faith and will only happen in our lives when we are with him in his kingdom. Gods image is beyond all images to comprehend. We cant bring honor to the Lords image. Yet we are all under a sentence to obey his commandments and to believe in Jesus Christ.

Exodus 20

20:1,2 God speaks many ways to the children of men; by conscience, by providences, by his voice, to all which we ought carefully to attend; but he never spake at any time so as he spake the TEN COMMANDMENTS. This law God had given to man before; it was written in his heart; but sin so defaced it, that it was necessary to revive the knowledge of it. The law is spiritual, and takes knowledge of the secret thoughts, desires, and dispositions of the heart. Its grand demand is love, without which outward obedience is mere hypocrisy. It requires perfect, unfailing, constant obedience; no law in the world admits disobedience to itself. Whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all,

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