Wednesday, October 14, 2009


In the testament of solomon it explains how demons actually set out as chiefs of hell to cause men and woman to sin against one another and to cause divorce. Many humans are victim to this. There are also scriptures in the bible which state that God himself handed men and woman over to their own wicked ways and they slept with each others neighbors wives and husbands. Divorce is not something to take lightly. Much of our times makes a mockery out of marriage and the bond between man and woman. If someone is baptised with the holy spirit they have not the same life as the world. We have a way to be faithfull and do not have to live in darkness. The wiles of satan are defeated and there is no wisdom required to overcome that evil. Faith is how we war against the evils that the world is handed over to. Our hearts are vessels of the living God. It is worse for us to committ adultery than the world. We have a powerfull God who can without lifting a finger cause peace in our lives and mystically sustain our hearts in matrimony. The less we serve money and the worlds wealth the more our hearts can bear fruit and reap the rewards of heaven including an upright and holy marriage.

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