Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Apostle Pauls work

The Apostle Paul was born of the tribe of Benjamin. His stature and virtue as a Jew was Great and well respected. He was like an officer of the law. Although not his career. He was so zealous to enforce the law that he even persued Jesus Christ to the point where God himself stopped him in his tracks nearly blinding him with a light. When God spoke to him himself he stopped persecuting Jesus and became one of his most powerfull witnesses and an authority over not the law but the freedom from the law .
Paul served as an example greater to myself than any of the other apostles. Because of his Zeal not for the law but for the work he accomplished. He was the guy sticking up for everyone. He was the guy out working inspite of being an mighty and intellegent man anointed by God who could live off tythes. He would work on jobs and speak in private to wealthy people and employers. Not so that he could live as they but so the church could earn a living without being treated as scum or swine. He told the employers they had to pay decent wages and they Gods people don't have to work like they are slaves to money. His work was the freedom we experience in Jesus Christ. The freedom we have here in America is from what Paul's work accomplished. Even his gospels explain why we have freedom. Jesus is the rock. Paul was best at explaining how it is only Jesus we are free. He was best at explaining that we can't be any better from just obeying the law we have to really have virtue by believing in Jesus Christ. He was best at explaining not to live as the Jews. His work was to take the heat from the authorities and while the Peter set up the internal works of the church and the community of believers . Paul was out taking on the powers and suffering with those who worked wether they believed or not.
In modern times the gospels of Paul epistles are still the source of our wisdom and understanding of the will of God for our freedom. They are how we know Gods words to us regarding our freedom and the work of Jesus to evangilize is very well explained by Paul. He was a scholarly man highly intelligent and mighty in service before he was converted and as a witness of the truth of Jesus Christ.
The carpenter's union and the catholic worker movement are a few examples of how even today what Paul had started is still the work we carry on today. In fact every union. There are so many ministers in modern day involved with Government. There is even a chaplain of the senate now in America or had been for sometime. There are ministers involved with the Labor departments the commerce any principle cause of principality ruled over. These ministers are to ensure to some measure the cause Paul had initially explained and appointed. Jesus Christ is the first and last. We are his church but Paul was the man he taught and disciplined to work on our freedom and being able to work and expect decent wages. He explained why to believe its Gods will for us to be free and to believe we are not less than the masters of this world to God. How we are baptised into the same family and faith to live as heirs to Christ Jesus and brothers not serve to live as the world and its masters. Our institute is divided and resembles much of how the nations were condemned in the old testament and often how israel was condemned for wrongs. However if we look toward Jesus Christ as we look at the nations and see how the works of the apostles are still as the gospels explain. If we examine the past and rightly divide the truth of the gospel we can observe the victory of Jesus Christ and the work of his people. The Apostle Paul's work was the work of Jesus Christ he shared with any who would believe.
Paul's work as an apostle planted seeds of freedom and democracy . His work planted seeds for every generation to reap what he sowed. His work was so fruitfull that the fruit he bore was a way for us all to live civil and not as slaves but as the brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ.

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