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Adam and Eve committed suicide and wear resurected


In which Eve makes a noble and emotionable intercession, taking the blame on herself.
THEN Adam and Eve entered the cave, and stood praying, in their own tongue, unknown to us, but which they knew well.
2 And as they prayed, Adam raised his eyes, and saw the rock and the
roof of the cave that covered him overhead, so that he could see
neither heaven, nor God's creatures. So he wept and smote heavily upon
his breast, until he dropped, and was as dead.
3 And Eve sat weeping; for she believed he was dead.
4 Then she arose, spread her hands towards God, suing Him for mercy
and pity, and said, "O God, forgive me my sin, the sin which I
committed, and remember it not against me.
5 "For I alone caused Thy servant to fall from the garden into this
lost estate; from light into this darkness; and from the abode of joy
into this prison.
6 "O God, look upon this Thy servant thus fallen, and raise him from
his death, that he may weep and repent of his transgression which he
committed through me.
7 "Take not away his soul this once; but let him live that he may
stand after the measure of his repentance, and do Thy will, as before
his death.
8 "But if Thou do not raise him up, then, O God, take away my own
soul, that I be like him; and leave me not in this dungeon, one and
alone; for I could not stand alone in this world, but with him only.
9 "For Thou, O God, didst cause a slumber to come upon him, and
didst take a bone from his side, and didst restore the flesh in the
place of it, by Thy divine power.
10 "And Thou didst take me, the bone, and make me a woman, bright
like him, with heart, reason, and speech; and in flesh, like unto his
own; and Thou didst make me after the likeness of his countenance, by
Thy mercy and power.
11 "O Lord, I and he are one and Thou, O God, art our Creator, Thou are He who made us both in one day.
12 "Therefore, O God, give
p. 8
him life, that he may be with me in this strange land, while we dwell in it on account of our transgression.
13 "But if Thou wilt not give him life, then take me, even me, like him; that we both may die the same day."
14 And Eve wept bitterly, and fell upon our father Adam; from her great sorrow.

Chap. VII.

The beasts are reconciled.
WHEN Adam and Eve heard these words from God, they wept and sobbed
yet more; but they strengthened their hearts in God, because they now
felt that the Lord was to them like a father and a mother; and for this
very reason, they wept before Him, and sought mercy from Him.
2 Then God had pity on them, and said: "O Adam, I have made My
covenant with thee, and I will not turn from it; neither will I let
thee return to the garden, until My covenant of the great five days and
a half is fulfilled."
3 Then Adam said unto God, "O Lord, Thou didst create us, and make
us fit to be in the garden; and before I transgressed, Thou madest all
beasts come to me, that I should name them.
4 "Thy grace was then on me; and I named every one according to Thy mind; and Thou madest them all subject unto me.
5 "But now, O Lord God, that I have transgressed Thy commandment,
p. 9
all beasts will rise against me and will devour me, and Eve Thy handmaid; and will cut off our life from the face of the earth.
6 "I therefore beseech Thee, O God, that, since Thou hast made us
come out of the garden, and hast made us be in a strange land, Thou
wilt not let the beasts hurt us."
7 When the Lord heard these words from Adam, He had pity on him, and
felt that he had truly said that the beasts of the field would rise and
devour him and Eve, because He, the Lord, was angry with them two on
account of their transgression.
8 Then God commanded the beasts, and the birds, and all that moves
upon the earth, to come to Adam and to be familiar with him, and not to
trouble him and Eve; nor yet any of the good and righteous among their
9 Then the beasts did obeisance to Adam, according to the
commandment of God; except the serpent, against which God was wroth. It
did not come to Adam, with the beasts.
THEN Adam smote upon his breast, he and Eve, and they mourned the
whole night until dawn drew near, and they sighed over the length of
the night in Miyazia.
2 And Adam beat himself, and threw himself on the ground in the
cave, from bitter grief, and because of the darkness, and lay there as
3 But Eve heard the noise he made in falling upon the earth. And she
felt about for him with her hands, and found him like a corpse.
4 Then she was afraid, speechless, and remained by him.
5 But the merciful Lord looked on the death of Adam, and on Eve's silence from fear of the darkness.
6 And the Word of God came unto Adam and raised him from his death, and opened Eve's mouth that she might speak.
7 Then Adam arose in the cave and said, "O God, wherefore has light
departed from us, and darkness come over us? Wherefore dost Thou leave
us in this long darkness? Why wilt Thou plague us thus?
8 "And this darkness, O Lord, where was it ere it came upon us? It is such, that we cannot see each other.
9 "For, so long as we were in the garden, we neither saw nor even
knew what darkness is. I was not hidden from Eve, neither was she
hidden from me, until now that she cannot see me; and no darkness came
upon us, to separate us from each other.
10 "But she and I were both in one bright light. I saw her and she
saw me. Yet now since we came into this cave, darkness has come upon
us, and parted us asunder, so that I do not see her, and she does not
see me.
11 "O Lord, wilt Thou then plague us with this darkness?"



Beasts made subject to Adam.
BUT Adam and Eve wept before God. And Adam said unto Him:--
2 "O Lord, when I was in the cave, I said this to Thee, my Lord,
that the beasts of the field would rise and devour me, and cut off my
life from the earth."
3 Then Adam, by reason of what had befallen him, smote upon his
breast, and fell upon the earth like a corpse; then came to him the
Word of God,
p. 15
who raised him, and said unto him,
4 "O Adam, not one of these beasts will be able to hurt thee;
because when I made the beasts and other moving things come to thee in
the cave, I did not let the serpent come with them, lest it should rise
against you, make you tremble; and the fear of it should fall into your
5 "For I knew that that accursed one is wicked; therefore would I not let it come near you with the other beasts.
6 "But now strengthen thy heart and fear not. I am with thee unto the end of the days I have determined on thee."


Adam and Eve attempt suicide.
THEN Adam and Eve went in search of the garden.
2 And the heat beat like a flame on their faces; and they sweated from the heat, and wept before the Lord.
3 But the place where they wept was nigh unto a high mountain, facing the western gate of the garden.
4 Then Adam threw himself down from the top of that mountain; his
face was tom and his flesh was flayed; much blood flowed from him, and
he was nigh unto death.
5 Meanwhile Eve remained standing on the mountain weeping over him, thus lying.
6 And she said, "I wish not to live after him; for all that he did to himself was through me."
7 Then she threw herself after him; and was torn and scotched by stones; and remained lying as dead.
8 But the merciful God, who looks upon His creatures, looked upon
Adam and Eve as they lay dead, and He sent His Word unto them, and
raised them.
9 And said to Adam, "O Adam, all this misery which thou hast wrought
upon thyself, will not avail against My rule, neither will it alter the
covenant of the 5500 years."

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