Thursday, October 15, 2009

Adam and Eve and Modern Green Culture

If you take the time to read the first book of Adam and Eve even reading the second book. The whole experience and career of Adam and Eve is much like modern day's green culture. In fact the temptations and sufferings of Adam and Eve and the first children of Adam and Eve are similar to the many millions of and billions on earth today who are their descendants. Adam and Eve after their original sin were cast out of the Garden and lost their Glorified image. They were forced to live in caves like animals. They tried and tried to get back to the Garden pleading to God. God had mercy and gave them a cave called the cave of treasures.
In modern times Greed, Sin and the wiles of the devil are still the cause of our destruction of earth. Even after being cast out of the Garden . So that men could live in cave of treasures with wealth they destroyed the earth to build skyscrapers and oil refinery's. Now we are trying to get back to the garden and its not even the garden of Eden its just the earth. We have definately kept the tradition of Adam and Eve every generation eviler then the one before it. We all have a need to get back to the Garden. Thank the Lord like he told Adam and Eve not worry because he will come down and free us from sin and death. He came now we just have to believe that the times are not forever here but we will get back to the garden he prepares for us. It says "to live is christ to die is gain" in the Lords gospel philipians 1:21.

Its strange I have been stuck here in the city. I started to looking for a small farm or homestead as soon as I made my decision to start a ministry. I have been going through my own Adam and Eve sorrows. Like Adam and Eve I have been praying and fasting for God to get me back to the country and on a farm of my own. Just like Adam and Eve prayed and asked God to let them back to the garden. Thank the Lord its not the garden of Eden I am trying to get back to but the closest thing to it if you believe in Jesus Christ and know how to live in the country.

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