Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our modern opinions about church and Lord's commion with his bride is so divided we cannot serve one another as servants of the Holy Savior. We prey upon each others place in the community using markets and mass media. The covenants of the almighty dollar we make keep us attracted to the liberal causes of law so we can make our lives seem honored in the array of the world. We bow to the liberal causes of society and there are those who conform to the not so liberal causes of war and peace. The heritage of the world is marked in the same halls of fellowship we set aside for our own heritage in Christ. We join ranks with the same enemies of the gospel and pervade the justice christs love really offers. I have a bible study blog on myspace.com/clubmasterproductions. I started the profile as a music business venture then as the Lord lead me each day to seek him first I converted the profile to a bible study blog soon to manifest a ministry in southern oregon and abroad. I wrote several blogs you might find interesting on many topics. Please stop by my profile and leave a message on the guestlist . Thanks. The Lord is teaching his anointed the truth and secrets to the day of preparation. We are in those times and His blessed assurance and hope is the power of our faith in Jesus Christ. The Truth , The Life , and the Way is a higher throne then the causes of law and the purpose of our fight is not law and its justice it is love and its justice.

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